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Dobro_Sound for Pedal Steel

7/19/2003 10:45 AM
Dobro_Sound for Pedal Steel
Hi guys  
I once heard of an effect for pedalsteelguitars that generates the sound of a dobro.I love the of a dobro.Do you know anything about such a stompbox.Maybe it's only a equalizer.Please help me!  
Thanks Max
7/20/2003 11:41 PM
....yeah,its made by Goodrich-I think Scotty's Pedal Steel guitar store(in St.Louis)carries them....not sure what they're called,but I am sure of the Goodrich brand name.....pretty pricey,though-I think about $400....have you tried a Boss AC-2 acoustic simulator?a little cheaper alternative.....
7/21/2003 11:43 AM

Thanks dr,  
sounds a bit overprized for a stompbox.I think I'll look for schematic for the boss AC-2 acoustic simulator.Have you an adress for a schematic?  
7/22/2003 11:13 PM
....look through the Boss schematics at JD's site (General Guitar Gadgets)I think the AC2 is in there...if not,let me know and I'll see if I can locate it.....
10/29/2003 9:26 PM
Mark Hammer

I whipped up a cheap acoustic simulator which actually doesn't sound half bad. The schematic and sound-sample are at my site:  
It's called the "Woody". You can easily perfboard it but if you prefer PCB someone has produced a PCB layout for it, which you can find here:  
My sense is that emulating a dobro will involve more than an acoustic simulator though. Conceivably, you could add a 4th path to the 3 already incorporated into the Woody, and that would be some sort of suitably-tuned bandpass filter, somewhere in the 500hz zone or so, so you could dial in some of the nasalness.
10/19/2003 12:30 PM

The Goodrich Matchbro is now out of production...would like to see the schems for one, though! -- since they are out of production, I feel they are 'free game' for cloning.
10/21/2003 10:23 AM
Stephen Giles
Forgive me for saying so, but why would you want to make a pedal steel sound like a weedy dobro? Just a humble English question.

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