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substitutes for everything

3/9/2003 1:49 AM
Igor Vihnanek
substitutes for everything
OK people. I want to build 14 effects and I need substitutes for all those FETs, transistors and ICs I can't find. Everyone's opinion is more than appreciated:)  
I'm trying to build: Blue Magic overdrive, Boss DS-1, Boss DS-2, Boss HM-2, Boss SD-1, Frank Clarke's Hot Harmonics overdrive, TS-808, Insanity Box distortion, Marshall Guv'nor, Orange Squeezer compressor, PT-80 Digital Delay, Zombie Chorus, wah pedal, volume pedal. Yeah, I know, way over-ambitious:)  
Here are the parts and some substitutes I've managed to find. Please tell me if they're good and if you know of any other I could use instead. Some of those components have NTE substitutes but I can't seem to find any around here in Croatia so I'm looking for other stuff.  
BS170 MOSFET - I have that  
J201 - can I use low noise BF245 instead?  
BOSS DS-1:  
2SC2240 transistor - can I use something like BC548 instead  
- TA7136 audio op-amp low noise - what can I use instead of this  
BOSS DS-2:  
2SC3378GR, 2SK118Y, 2SK184GR, 2SA1335GR, 2SA1048GR - can't find any of these - can I also use BF548?  
BOSS HM-2:  
2SK30 - is BF245 OK.?  
2SC2240, 2SA970 - could BC548 do it too?  
M5216L, M5616L - dual op-amp, high output current, bipolar  
- I found NJM4556AL as a subst. but can't find that either  
- is there anything else to use?  
BOSS SD-1:  
2SC732 for the input/output buffers - I have BC550 - is that OK?  
2SK30A for the FET switch - any subst. other than NTE459????  
2SC1658 in the switch - anything instead?  
J201 - is BF245 OK. here too?  
CD4049 - got that one  
2N3904 - got it  
JRC4558D - should I use the original or is LM833 better  
- I've found MC4558, is that good?  
CD4049AE - got it  
RCA4558P - are TL071 or TL081 better?  
4558 op-amp - is LM833 a better choice?  
2N5457 - I've read it's better to use MPF102 - don't have it either  
- what else can I use?  
PT-80 DELAY:  
PT2399 - got it  
NE570 - got it  
2N5458 or J201 - is BF245 good here?  
2N5088 - I have BC549 - is that OK.?  
78L05, 78L12 - got them  
I would be very gratefull if anyone could give me some info on these stuff. And it will probably help others too, I can see a lot of people asking for substitutes on various forums.  
3/10/2003 12:30 PM

Ok first off, go here:  
Basically, for most of these circuits, use a TL072 for the op-amp (the TS-808 you should use the 4558), however, if you have a bunch of op-amps, put a socket in and try them all!  
As for transistors, i can't really help you with subs. However, in most cases you can use a 2N3904 or BC108/BC109. Certainly in the DS-1, TS-808 or SD-1, i'd go with either. I'm afraid i can't tell you much about JFET's or Mosfets. I know that MPF102 works in place of J201's in most cases.  
Anyway, should be enough to get you started.  
3/12/2003 12:58 PM
I really appreciate it!  
One more question: is 4558 really so much smoother than TL072 or TL071? I guess I'll just buy a bunch of both and test them in the circuit.
4/1/2003 9:28 PM
jamie tyson

" One more question: is 4558 really so much smoother than TL072 or TL071? I guess I'll just buy a bunch of both and test them in the circuit. "
-not like I expected that to work...d'oh!  
I think it comes down to how you have your setup configured and what sounds you like. I have built TS clones of various kinds and I keep coming back to the TL072 because I like the way it sounds. I feel it has a slightly more present treble which adds to the crispness of the tone. I use the pedal for a very mild distortion so my preferences may be different than someone trying to get more of a smooth "tube driver" midrangey lead sound.  
I went out of my way to find some JRC4558D op-amps, taking them out of old answering machines and other junk electronic devices. Before too long I decided I preferred my old TLO72's. Oh well!!  
Sorry to drift from topic...  
3/12/2003 3:06 PM
Mark Hammer
For gain purposes, most folks recommend a 2N5457 as a useful sub for a J201.  
2SC2240s tend to be used in many of the same places where 2SC945s and 732s are used. 2N5088 or 2N4124 should be fine for this (though note odd pinout of 2N4124). BC549s are probably reasonable replacements too.  
BF245s are often used in places where you see 2SK30s, such as phasers, switches, or other places where folks need a voltage-controlled resistor, so go for it. The FET use in the PT-80 is not an especially gain sensitive use, so BF245 should be okay.  
The various single op-amps you list have peculiar characteristics such as being SIP packages or being uncompensated. I'm not sure you'll find an exact sub, but quite frankly, it's a fuzz - I wouldn't worry about it.  
LM833 is a good dual op-amp and the Orange Squeezer shows no attributes that depend on a specific op-amp. Compressors being what they are, lower noise is better. The Raytheon RC4558 dual op-amp is easily subbed with an LM833. The kerfuffle over dual op-amps is fairly specific to those circumstances where diodes are used in a feedback loop and the characteristics of the op-amp alter the behaviour of the diodes. In any other instance, yu're looking for a very different set of characteristics such as noise, input impedance, slew rate, ability to swing from rail to rail, and a bunch of other things, all of which vary in relevance depending on the circuit. Just about any decent dual op-amp is fine for any of the circuits you mention. People like the JRC4558D for the TS-808, but they have also reported being happy with an LM833, an RC4558 and a range of other chips too.
3/14/2003 8:45 AM
Thaks very much Mark!  
I think my problems are solved with you answer. I have a bunch of TL072/71s and I'll get some 4558s and try them in different circuits. I'll just have to wait for some parts if I finally manage to find a way to order them from Small Bear Electronics.  
Thanks again!
3/14/2003 2:18 PM
Dave Rich

RG's article " The Technology of the Tube Screamer" contains some info on op amp and buffer subs.  
BTW Mark, thanks to you I'm adding the word "kerfuffle" to my vocabulary. :)  

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