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How Do You Guys Lable Your FX Boxes?

9/30/2002 7:35 PM
How Do You Guys Lable Your FX Boxes?
How Do You Guys Lable Your FX Boxes? Dou you stencil, or do you gave some other methods for getting the most proffesional/comercial looking results? I am building a few pedals and need advice on painting and most importantly... LABELING my finnished projects! Thanks guys!!  
10/1/2002 6:32 PM
Peter Cornell

Hi Derrick  
I like to use a water-slide decal paper called Lazertran. See my page for an example :  
Have a look at my links page for further examples.  
10/2/2002 7:43 AM

Thanks, Peter!! I'll have a look.  
Best Regards,  
10/2/2002 8:06 PM
Mark Hammer
Rub-on lettering sometimes, laser printed clear labels other times. Both will need some laquer over top. I use clear nail polish.
10/2/2002 8:44 PM
Jim Jones

Has anyone tried the clear inkjet labels? I wonder how they compare to the laser-type...  
10/2/2002 9:08 PM
Sean K
I draw on aluminium sheet with a fine overhead projector pen then drop it into ferro chloride of a minute or so then rub in enamel paint.
10/2/2002 10:58 PM

I use slide-off decals, too. I've heard that if you cut the labels with rounded corners and use the decal softener on them, then clearcoat, you can't see the edges at all.  
I haven't tried the softener yet; I just cut out a huge decal to cover the whole top of my pedal and clearcoated the whole thing. I think it looks cool; I did a brushed-steel effect on a Hammond box with some medium-grit sandpaper before applying the decal and clearcoat.  
Pics at (scroll down to the "RangeBlaster" project)  
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