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Colorsound Tremolo

9/28/2002 3:18 PM
Stephen Giles
Colorsound Tremolo
9/28/2002 3:21 PM
Stephen Giles

Blast, it doesn't work - I don't know why, it's the AOL freebie.  
9/28/2002 7:53 PM
B Tremblay

How does it sound?
9/28/2002 8:50 PM

Thanks Stephen! Nice and simple, it seems. BTW, you can copy the shortcut and paste it in the address line. Take the Http:// off as well.
9/29/2002 6:01 PM
Stephen Giles

It sounds pretty good, I remember buying it to play Mona by Bo Diddly - or really the Downliners Sect's version. Glad somebody found my silly little site!  
10/18/2002 1:57 PM
John Shaft
if somebody posted a board layout i'd built it tomorrow...i'm always in the market for a new trem sound. ihave three of them and still can't decide which is the most useful. I usually take 'em all to gigs
10/21/2002 11:43 AM
Stephen Giles
I'll post the board layout but it would be very easy on veroboard or perf board, whatever you like to call it.  

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