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Tracing FX with digital camera

9/19/2002 11:09 PM
Tracing FX with digital camera
I'm trying to make the place look busy:  
Anyway, you print it out and draw meaningful notations, then you draw up the schematic. Obvious enough.
9/23/2002 8:21 PM

It's also good for when you have to take things apart.  
You take a picture before removing each part and then you can use them to see how everything went.  
9/24/2002 5:36 AM
Jerri Rigg

I know you guys know this, but a good digital camera with a macro feature really helps.
9/24/2002 11:03 AM

I had to settle for one without the macro feature, but it still does a great job because if you take a picture in a high resolution (1600x1200) you can get a lot of detail out of it.  
11/3/2002 4:25 AM
sometimes I use a scaneer only if the circuit is flat  
no like this with tubes . I put a mica for protect the glass of the scanner.  

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