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Tube socket pin numbers

10/26/2004 8:26 PM
Gary W
Tube socket pin numbers
Quick question.  
When looking at the solder lugs of the tube sockets. Whick is pin number one?  
Am I correct in thinking that the lug to the right of the locating tab is number one? Remember I am looking at the solder lug side.  
The numbers go clockwise correct?
10/26/2004 8:37 PM
Gary W

One more question.  
Which is the best way to orient the locating tab?
10/26/2004 9:31 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Always numbered clockwise from #1 to the end lug as viewed from the bottom lug side.  
Disclaimer... some sockets have been showing up mismarked so ignore any numbers on the sockets and learn the info below....  
Octal sockets:  
Looking at the socket from the lug side, #1 lug is the one to the left of the keyway slot.  
#8 is to the right.  
Again, looking from the lug side there is a space where a 10th lug could go but there isn't one.  
Left of the space is #1 and to the right of the space (CCW) is #9.  
Doesn't matter which way the tube sockets are installed as long as it's easy to wire it.  
If you have layout drawings, follow them as it's the easiest way to get around the socket lugs in reference to the circuit board and the filament supply leads.  
10/26/2004 9:51 PM
Gary W

Thanks Bruce.
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