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Re: maybe a P15R ?

9/25/2004 1:54 PM
brent romanuk Re: maybe a P15R ?
I just received a 15a125 30w from Weber, all I can say is WOW. I've been using all types of 15's in all the amps i build. But this speaker is hands down the best thing i could have ever bought.
9/27/2004 3:55 PM

I'm waiting for my 5e3x2 kit to arrive and one of the things I want to try is driving my '70s Sunn 115M bass cab with it. It's a great cab for Tele's and hopefully my P90 Les Paul. Just a BIG, ROUND sound.  
10/6/2004 3:40 PM
Update: Tweed and 15" JBL
Last night I finally got a change to drop my Weber-reconed 15" JBL D-130 into a Lab Series (closed-back but ported front) cab I have. I had it reconed as a 4-ohm speaker. Rather than dig out the 6L6 tubes for a 4-ohm match with the Mission 5E3, I tried it with my Allen tweed Champ (5F1) clone for the 4-ohm load. Plugged in my P-90-equipped Epiphone Casino and turned it up...  
WOW. The words "big," "round" and "loud" all come to mind. Certainly much louder volume-wise than the stock 8" speaker. The bass end was more defined and less loose, although the cab design could have something to do with that. There was also a little bit more of a high-end presence with the JBL in that the amp was not quite as dark. With the tweed cranked, the amp still had a lot more clean than with the stock speaker, which is no surprise given the larger size and greater efficiency of the JBL. Wiggling away with my Bigsby bar at full tilt, I was reminded of a line by Brian Setzer in his "Live from Japan" video where plainly and proudly proclaims, "This is rockabilly." I am thinking the sound will be even better as the speaker breaks in.  
I hope to try the 5E3 with 6L6s sometime later this week. I will follow-up with those results.
10/22/2004 3:46 PM
Re: Update: 5E3 and 15" JBL
Since my last post, I tried my Mission Amps 5E3 tweed Deluxe with the 15" speaker. As I mentioned before, the 15" speaker is a Weber-reconed 15" JBL D-130 screwed in a Lab Series cab with a closed back and partially ported front (it has an open scoop below the speaker). The speaker was reconed as 4 ohms to use with my Allen Amps 5F1 tweed Champ clone and with the 5E3 when using 6L6 tubes. I put some old GE 6L6 tubes in but kept the 5Y3 rectifier for the test.  
Going direct into Bright Channel #1 with my P-90-equipped Epiphone Casino, the first thing I noticed was that the sound was far less trebly than the EH 6V6 tubes through the 5E3's P12R speaker. I usually put the tone knob on 7-8 with the EH tubes and P12R but I needed to turn up to 11-12 with the Casino with the GE 6L6s and 15" speaker to get the presence I wanted in the neck and middle positions. Using the same guitar positions, the 5E3 tone knob had to be maxed when using the Bright Channel #2 input or either Normal Channel input. But after dialing in, the combination was quite loud, even at a volume of 3 on the 5E3. There was also a big increase in headroom, which is probably attributed to both the JBL and the 6L6s. I could turn up to 9 or 10 on the 5E3 volume before it would start to get gritty.  
Next I plugged in a mutt Strat guitar I have with a Seymour Duncan Broadcaster pickup in the bridge. The guitar is purposely set up to be bright. I normally set the tone knob to roll off the excess treble but I have the option of adding significant amounts of treble when using darker amps like tweeds or when I lose treble by rolling down the guitar volume. Anyway, I plugged it in to the 5E3 and right away had to back off the tone knob on the amp... way too bright compared to the P-90 tone knob settings. After some adjustment of tone knobs on the amp and guitar, I found a nice, clear and articulate sound that still had some 15" ooomph. Again, the 6L6 and 15" rig was much louder and bigger across the full frequency range than the EH 6V6/P12R setup.  
At this point, I think I have a lot of experimenting to do with the 15" JBL and the tweed amps. Overall, my general impressions are that the 15" has a louder but warmer sound, almost like any undesirable peaks and edges of certain notes are rounded off. The JBL gave me more headroom, particularly with the tweed Champ when compared to the stock 8" Weber speaker. With the 5E3, the headroom might be blamed more heavily on the 6L6s but the increased headroom was certainly there. While I was concerned that a reconed aluminum-domed JBL might be harsh, trebly and full of sizzle in the top end, I actually found that the JBL made a good match with the tweeds, adding a little extra clarity and articulation that my tweeds can lack at times. With the P-90s on the Casino and the 6L6s in the 5E3, I could go from purely clean Chet Atkins to spanky and edgy Brian Setzer to Carlos Santana-like endless sustain and feedback at full volume. As soon as I get my pedal steel pickup rewound, I am going to see if there are any Jimmy Day tones in there!
10/23/2004 2:37 PM
Rick V
Re: 5e3 deluxe as a 15" tweed pro?....
I am in the process of building an Allen Brown Sugar. I ordered it with the Weber 15" Cali. I will definitely try my Mission 5E3 through it when the cabinet arrives. These are built to order, so I won't see it for a couple weeks, yet. In the mean time, I will be running the Brown Sugar through the Weber 12A125 in my 5E3 cab. I'll report out after a good test run on both.
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