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Speaker Connectors

8/1/2004 11:32 PM
Speaker Connectors
Where can you find the little clips that slide over the tabs of a speaker? Checked the MojoTone, Redco, etc sites but no luck. Is that something I can pick up at Radio Shack?  
Just looking for 1/4" Male jack>speaker cable>those clip terminators to hook the speaker in a 5E3 combo to the amp.  
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8/1/2004 9:53 PM
Wild Bill

I believe you're talking about crimp connectors which are commonly used as quick-disconnect terminal connectors. They have in different widths - .187 and .250" are standard. Electrical and hardware stores will have them or even an automotive outlet in their electrical section.  
It's important to use a proper crimping tool to make a good and permanent connection. The temptation is to use a pair of sidecutters - usually not very good unless you're very experienced.  
Often you'll find a kit that's not too expensive that has a crimping tool and an assortment of spade, fork and ring terminals. Perhaps that would be the best solution for you.  
Have fun!  
---Wild Bill
8/2/2004 1:12 AM

Thanks WB - That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.  
Extension cabs usually have a jack so a cable w/ 2 1/4" plugs works but how does everyone else attach their speaker cables to the speaker in a combo? By directly soldering the wire to the tabs?
8/2/2004 12:45 AM
Al Lang

I usually solder the leads to the speaker for a never come loose fit. But once you solder, it's hard to clean the tabs on the speaker for connectors. Radio Shack sell a cheap kit like Wild Bills talking about. If I use the connectors, I usually solder them to the leads from the jack being careful not to get solder down into the pocket of the connector or it won't slide on the speaker tab easly. Also pulling the connectors on and off can loosen the fit and squeezing them can make them hard to get on the tab which after a while can break the whole speaker tab off from pushing too hard, don't laugh I did it. The worst would be breaking the wires to the voice coil. Just be gentle if you don't solder and get a good tight fit, if you do solder, use a small rag so you don't get hot solder balls on the speaker and don't over heat the tab. Al
8/2/2004 1:43 AM

OK - Thanks. I think I'll go the connector route.  
I've actually been playing around switching between two different speakers - a Weber Blue Dog and a Greenback RI just to hear each by themselves (they're usually wired in series) and I know exactly what you mean about breaking the tabs off - that's what I've been scared of.  
Thanks for the input Al & Bill!

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