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5e3 and humbuckers?

7/31/2004 5:42 PM
5e3 and humbuckers?
I have a clone that is very farty with my les paul. Im thinking a different speaker to start with because the one in their is not an 8 ohm. The clone is built in a harvard chassis with 2 inputs vol tone.Im totally new to speakers i prefer something not loud but true to vintage sound with no bass fartiness nonsense. Any suggestions? Id like to try this before any circuit mods. Thanks
7/31/2004 7:07 PM

I had the same problem with my 5E3. I put in a Weber 12A125-A and played with tubes until I found what I liked. I run either a RCA 6072A or 5751 in V1, a Mullard ECC83 in V2, either RCA, Tung-Sol, or Mazda 6V6's, and any NOS 5Y3. I tried the JJ 6V6's and they are also very nice. The Weber speaker sounds much better than the reissue Jensen C12N that I was running. Less farty and much smoother. My 2 cents.
7/31/2004 8:56 PM
Al Lang

You need to change a few coupling caps along with a different speaker, maybe someone here will post the changes. Check the post I wrote here asking for a site with all the mods. Al
8/1/2004 5:45 AM

Check out the thread below "Less bass mod" for some good info. I have used the mod Bruce suggested and it help greatly. I think reducing the coupling caps is advised as well.  
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