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Tube Observations

7/20/2004 4:46 AM
Wayne Dyer Tube Observations
Well, I'm back with some tube observations in my Mission build.  
After trying the GT 12AX7-M in the V2 position, I went back to an EH tube (generally my favorite all-purpose tube in every amp I've tried), then back to the JJ ECC83S. I like the JJ best, the GT second-best, the EH a close third. I have the GT-Ms in my Allen Old Flame (5U4GB/6L6) and they're very, very happy there. I didn't like the JJs there, they were a bit too mellow and rounded-sounding.  
On to power tubes. I tried the Bruce-supplied EH tubes for a while, then switched to some NOS Philips tubes I had, and there wasn't that much difference, to tell the truth. Maybe a little more growly-character, but they were both good.  
In retubing the Old Flame to 6L6's, I pulled the Mazdas from it and put those in the 5E3. *TOTALLY* different character. Finer-grained breakup, a bit lower volume, a smoother and sweeter sound, and I can't decide which I like better.  
And, a historical brief clip (forgive me if I posted these here before), the Philips 6V6's, the GT-M in V2, EH 12AY7 in V1. Speaker is a 25W Weber Ceramic Blue Dog, guitar is a Kinman-equipped Strat.  
A bit of hall reverb added with a pedal in front of the amp, so yeah it's a bit adulterated. ;-)  
This is intended to show the sound of the amp with this speaker and the character of the GT-M tube, which is very useful, but it nudges the amp a bit away from Fender territory, but it's still in the same ballpark.  
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