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Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?

7/22/2004 9:57 PM
Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?
Woops sorry the anon was me..i cleaned out my cookies.  
7/23/2004 8:41 AM
Chris - CMW amps
anon = Richie
Hi Richie  
"Woops sorry the anon was me..i cleaned out my cookies."  
That's what they all say :D just kidding !!!  
Ingo's running a batch this week and will ship me a couple within 2 weeks. I probably ( don't ask :) ) did hear such OT in an 18 Watt clone some time ago ( "lots of singing pinched plexi harmonics" ).  
Have a nice weekend, hope everything's allright at the river.  
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