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7/14/2004 4:53 PM
Chris - CMW amps
I do have an old Selmer PA amp over here with your mentioned circuit and it does sound absolutely fat ..... did sound 'cause I did rebuild it to something Plexi-alike :)  
Anyway, the topology ( stage - eq - volume - stage - divider - EF86 - mastervolume ) is kinda like a mini bf/sf Champ as pre.  
Too many circuits too little time,  
7/13/2004 3:56 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?
do you want to be a guinea pig for a new version of my old Voxylady EL84 amp?  
It's really a 5E3 type amp with a brand new and different tone stack, two 12AY7s, two El84s.  
All you need is a chassis with vol 1, vol 2, common tone, 4 nine pins sockets, some kind of tube rectifier, a 6K to 8K OT and a power tranny that will not run the B+ rail to more then 330vdc-340vdc at the OT center tap.  
7/13/2004 4:11 PM
ted m

I'd be happy to send you my modded P1 and let you turn it into a voxey lady. I'd be pleased to make sound clips when you're done.  
It should have all the knobs, the PT is a 259EX, maybe a little under powered, the OT is the Delft SE P1, but should be good for ~15W
7/13/2004 4:16 PM
Chris - CMW amps

Know knor ( pig-sound in Dutch ) :)  
This amp is like the FAT15 regarding chassis and ( 5 noval ) sockets ( ).  
The B+ was about 320 Volts in that amp.  
I'd love to try your design, email me at for the specs. I'm planning to use a Shinrock Marshall 18 Watt OT ( 8k into 4,8+16 ohms ) but I can also use a MM '59 5E3 OT. Plenty Ruby/TAD 12AY7s and EL84s over here.  
Let me know,  
7/22/2004 12:41 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

That should be fine. I'm using an 8K with mine too.  
The power tranny in this one is rated 270v@120ma. Overkill but following in the VOX tradition of big power and output trannys in little amps that "rock'.  
What TAD 12AY7s are there?  
Same as the EHs?  
7/22/2004 7:10 PM
Chris - CMW amps

( there was a "bug" today while replying, seems to be fixed right now! )  
Hi Bruce  
I've only used 12AY7s from Ruby and TAD 'cause NOS ones are very hard to find over here and I didn't try the EH ones. I guess (!) the Ruby/TAD ones are selected/tested EH ones 'cause it does seem the only new production one. I couldn't see & hear any differences between the Ruby and the TAD ones.  
Most of the time I really like "overrated" iron and the PT from the donor-amp is pretty good. Also hope to try a MM DR OT ( lower Z and bigger ) and later on the Marshall 18 Watt one.  
Have a good time!!!  
7/22/2004 9:54 PM
Chris; """I'm planning to use a Shinrock Marshall 18 Watt OT ( 8k into 4,8+16 ohms )"""  
Ingos trannys sound really good. One of the top picks of our OT shootout. In the shootout there are 9 different trannys. You can check out the sound files from the site.Think its in "Zounds" and the OT shootout II, The MM,Heyboer,Original Radiospares,Shinrock,,and some others.  
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