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Filtertrons Anyone?

2/23/2004 7:04 AM
Filtertrons Anyone?
I've never seen much mention of a humbucker Filtertron pickup up here, or in Jason Lollar's book. Don't know much about them, other than they sound great. I've never inspected one in person, but I know they are low output humbuckers and have long magnets, sort of an unusual design. Of course, I'm refering to the classic Filtertron, ala 60's Chet Atkins guitar work. Or if anyone knows how to approximate approximate one of these with more easily accessible components, I'd appreciate it.
2/23/2004 7:49 AM

They sound like they do cause they have only around 3,000 to 3,250 turns of 42 gauge wire per bobbin, they have no keeper bar the magnet abutts the two sets of adjustable poles pieces and they have an Alnico 5 magnet.  
You'd get a pretty good approximation by winding a standard sized humbucker with 3,000 turns of 42 with little tension, but you will need to wax pot them.  
Sound won't be exactly the same but will be fairly close with lots of jangle and top.  
2/23/2004 9:27 AM
Fred Hammon

T.V. Jones seems to be the expert on Filtertrons these days. He never stops in here that I know of. Think I'll invite him. Gretch is using his pickups now.
2/23/2004 7:37 PM
Curtis Novak

I have been making them for a year or more... I came across a Stash of NOS bobbins and Magnets. The bobbin is very small and narrow not sure how close a PAF bobbin will hit it plus the magnet is twice as thick as a PAF. here are some pics of what I have dome w/ them. I have a few other crazy ideas I am toying w/ too since the bobbins are so small you can fit them in a lot of places. If you are intersted I will get some picture of the guts too.. it the bobbins and Magnets.  
2/23/2004 11:41 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

Very Cool!
2/26/2004 6:07 PM
Mark Hammer
I wasn't aware of your work previously, and I have to thank you immensely for the various rebuild pictorial essays on your site. Excellent stuff. In particular, I never realized what lay under the hood of those DeArmond Dynasonic things. Bizarre! It *looks* like the adjustable screws are magnetically coupled to the big slugs, but what I don't understand is what advantage would be gained by having the two polar ends of such a magnet structure facing the top with the coil going around them.  
What am I missing here?  
The sideways Kay you show is yet another example of those delightful single-coil designs with a non-linear (in the geometric sense) magnetic structure. We forget that the magnets have no legal requirement to run straight up and down, and the coils have no similar requirement to do so either.
2/27/2004 4:21 AM
The screws only function is to adjust the Magnets I dont remember but I seem to remember that the screws were even non feruous. This is the same setup as the "Holy Grail" P-90 by Gibson. Hendrix played one w/ his Black LP.  
Actually the magnet is not necessary at all.  
thanks for the kind words,  

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