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Max wire on different bobbinS???

9/12/2003 11:12 AM
Dave Stephens
Max wire on different bobbinS???
Well, tried to wind my first P90 tonite, not enough tension I think, so I blew it. I wanted to wind 9.5k on a regular P90 bobbin and ended up at 9.8 but the wire was over the edge of the bobbin with 42 gauge wire. So question is:  
9/15/2003 12:10 PM
Dave Stephens

Ok, boring question I guess. But found out the last two days you can get a bit over 10K in 42 gauge wire on a P90 bobbin and thats about it. I think you could probably make the flange spacer a tad deeper and gain on that if you wanted to....I haven't played this pickup yet so we'll see how it sounds.
9/15/2003 4:04 PM
Fred Hammon

I don't think it's a boring question. Personaly I was waiting for you to report how it sounds. That my make it a moot question. Let us know.  
By the way. Was that #42 single build or Formvar heavy build? (I did same thing with Formvar my 1'st time)  
Simply put for a given wire gauge:  
More winds - more output and darker sound.  
Less winds - less output and brighter sound  
9/15/2003 11:16 PM
Dave Stephens

Fred: its single build poly/nylon #42. I wound one coil to about 10K and one to 9K. I'll be wiring them into my Dillion gold top tonite, dying to hear how they sound also. The stock pu's are wound to 8K but have ferrite magnets, they sound really good but I wanted more oomph and less bright. Will let you know how they sound, maybe put up an MP3 if anyone wants to hear them....  
Am curious if you think Formvar has any merits over poly/nylon coating. Also if you've used heavy build on any coils and what effect it had on tone.....Dave
9/23/2003 9:53 AM
Dave Stephens

Fred: well to report on my winding the P90s: my bridge pickup was wound to 10k but the top flange warped enough to make the pickup sit lower in the cover so rewound it, and got it to 9K before running out of room. So both neck and bridge are 9K now. The neck pickup is really fat and punchy, maybe even a bit too much but on rhythm it holds all the notes and has a fat sound to die for. The bridge pickup sounds like Freddie King. So loving these pickups, though may experiment with the bridge pickup somehow to make it match the neck p/u output. I'm not much of a fan of bridge pickups, but I also rewound a TexMex tele bridge pickup I always hated to 9K and its probably my favorite tele pickup at the moment. Its on a tele with a fairly heavy alder body and maple neck so it works perfectly with that match, and no reflector plate on the p/u.
9/23/2003 2:24 PM
Fred Hammon

Congratulations Dave.  
It's a good feeling to conquor the unknown. I think your next step, if you are going to continue in this direction, is to experiment with different wire gauges as well as resistance / # of winds.  
If it's a fat sound you want then you can achieve the same thing in a smaller gauge wire. Maybe #43. The size difference may seem small at first but when you multiply that x 8000 winds it really makes a difference.  
Formvar is just a traditional wire to use. Big among pu makers who want to stay true to history. I don't really know if there is a big difference Poly Nylon works just as well I think.  
I use solderable wire and Wonder Solder.  

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