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HB and treble response

8/1/2003 12:36 AM
HB and treble response
I have a pair of Tim White’s excellent hum buckers (“Ed A wind”) that I use in a Gibson LP R8.  
They sound really great but the bridge PU is a bit trebly - not harsh but a bit trebly.  
I tried a 350 kOhm pot (instead of the stock 500) and that did reduce the treble somewhat – maybe…  
I then tried a 0.047 uF oilcap instead of the stock 0.022 ceramic and that was also a slight improvement. Lastly I tried a 150 K resistor across the cap but that didn’t change more than the taper of the pot.  
The PU is nice, very nice, but a bit trebly – any advices on how to further reduce the high frequency response?  

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