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Potting Humbuckers

7/22/2003 1:45 AM
Potting Humbuckers
Should I pot my pickup before puting the friction tape around the coils, or can I do it afterward? I am not planning on puting a cover on this one.  
By the way, having just made my first (hopefully) humbucking pickup, I have a whole new respect for everything that goes in to it. I am sure that once I get a few under my belt it will be easier, but gee, it is lots of tricky work.  
7/22/2003 9:18 PM
Jeff G.

I'm wondering this myself. It seems like having the tape on would be problematic for a few reasons.  
Phil ... congrats on your first wind. I just finished my third bucker! It's a blast. I gotta get more parts now!
7/22/2003 9:53 PM

Lotta fun, lotta work.  
Lessons learned:  
1) Tap in the slugs BEFORE winding the coil. Ditto the polepieces. I just KNEW I would ruin it before I soldered the leads.  
2) I need to figure out a better way to get it all wired together. Maybe I'll just go 4-conductor from now on.  
3) The little brass screws I had to mount the plate to the coils were too big to go through the keeper. I think maybe God is holding everything together. Also, the screws are a tight fit on the slug side, as well.  
4) I need to get some of those brass screws. Is there a proper name for them? What is the correct size?  
7/22/2003 11:03 PM
Jeff G.

I got all my parts from SK. I've been attaching the 26 gauge wire to the outside coil connections, securing it with black tape, and then mounting the bobbins to the frame before making the rest of the connections. About the last thing I do is tap/screw in the adjustable pole pieces ... haven't had any trouble with them doing it that way. Just before that, I press in the slugs using a thick piece of paper under channel locks. This is really the only area that I've had a challenge with, as the keepers seem to be inconsistent in the hole pattern alignment. As a result, the brass screws tend to cause the magnet to push over such that I can't press the slugs in. The first one I was able to flip around, but the bobbins weren't completely level. On the most recent PuP, I simply drilled the holes out a bit so that the brass screws don't push on the keeper.  
Also, the maple seem to be a little thin, so I add a strip or two of black tape to the bottom of them to get the bobbins level with each other as either one or the other tended to tilt due to the thin spacer and tight fit of the brass screws through the keeper. Minor challenges that probably vary with the parts lot.  
All in all, I recommend SK for parts since you can get everything you need for humbuckers in one order. Fast shipping too!! Gotta get my next order in before he departs for duty!
7/23/2003 1:59 AM
Jason Lollar

I put the slugs and screws in last too and usually pot after taping, you have to put a drop of superglue on the tape seam or it will unravel in the heat.  
Potting after taping will keep the tape firmly attached but it does look different, more of a dull sheen to it, most commercial HB's are either not potted or potted before taping.
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