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jazzmaster p'up questions

6/16/2003 2:37 PM
jazzmaster p'up questions
i got some jazzmaster pickups from a friend, then bought a cover from ebay to use as a template to cut a pickguard.  
can someone point me to a diagram of how these are mounted? warmoth shows how a single coil, p90, and humbucker mount, but not the jmaster.  
someone told me i need springs and a brass plate(?) to do it like an original.  
i can fabricate springs and plates, but it'd be a big help if i could see a picture to start from.
6/16/2003 4:00 PM

No springs or brass baseplate.  
I use a 3/8 foam whether strip pad on the bottom.  
the cover kind of holds everything down.  
6/16/2003 6:57 PM

Actually I can take pictures and get anyother info you need let me know..  
here is my guitar:  
let me know what you need.  
6/16/2003 5:48 PM

isn't the brass supposed to contribute to the tone?  
i like the weatherstripping idea, though.
6/16/2003 6:55 PM
Jason Lollar

The brass plate would have been stuck into the bottom of the pickup route some distance from the actual pickup and was used for shielding not for shaping the tone of the pickup. The ground wire from the pickup would solder to the brass plate and another wire would lead from the plate to the controls.
6/16/2003 10:07 PM

Jason is correct. In my '63 the entire cavity route has a form fitted brass shield for the bottom of the whole thing and the sides of the control cavities.  
For the foam I go to the HW store get the rubberized foam with the stick strip on one side. I get the /34 x /3/8 foam.  
6/17/2003 9:57 AM

thanks. it's hard going on this project without a jazzmaster to look at and dissect. i'm going by a lot of stuff i've heard but never seen.  
an idea i had a while ago just came back to me. could you shield with aluminum window screen? i was gonna do it on a friend's mim strat, but he knows someone in a factory that got him some self-adhesive copper foil (which i have since run out of)  
i got the idea watching the discovery channel: they showed a computer shielded with something like chicken wire to protect it from electro-magnetic attack. if it'll stop the surge damage from a nuke... it should work for guitars, right?

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