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Re: P-90 magnets - check out Steven Kersting

6/4/2003 3:24 PM
Jason Lollar
Re: P-90 magnets - check out Steven Kersting
The correct term is BOINK.  
Cant you hear it BOINK BOINK? The next most used term is spank. ( : ~  
I have made many 90's with alnico poles both neck and bridge if you want a touch of Fender tone its the way to go.  
The drawback is that it always sounds sort of Fendery, with bar mags you can get instant fender by pulling the strings before you release them but then you have to pick with your fingers something not everyone does.
6/25/2003 5:41 PM
Wait Jason, I like to BOINK. Which has nothing to do with pups!
5/7/2003 7:01 PM
John Fisher
What kind of magnets for P90's
what is the most authentic bar magnets used for P90 pickups?  
The reason why I'm asking it that I have been wanting to make a set of P90 pickups for a long time. I have the wire and I have a bucket of cheap strat pickups that have the bar magnets on the botton. I am assuming that they are ceramic is that true?  
Please tell me.  
John Fisher
5/8/2003 12:03 AM
Jason Lollar

I will give you the run down on it, both wolfe and I have worked out different ways of doing it, mine is easily adjustable but I am not very happy with how it looks. mine is all ready to go but its still a custom pickup not a stock item. I like the way wolfes looks better but its not easily adjustable. both systems have plastic covers not nickel or chrome.  
Right now I just have too much going on to turn it into a stock item. I just put out a Rick horse shoe repro about a month ago and am trying to get an accurate copy of the Charlie Christian pickup out in the next couple weeks so that and the normal workload that goes through here isnt leaving me any time for the P-90-HB thing. Sorry! Check out Kerstings adaptation.
5/8/2003 12:04 AM
Jason Lollar
above post wrong thread
That should have been under lollar pickups
5/25/2003 4:09 AM
blushawk circuit diagram
6/13/2003 5:25 AM
David Root
Re: What kind of magnets for P90's
If you want to make "authentic" pre-'57 or so P-90s, use Alnico 2, 3 or 4. 2 is probably easiest to find. If you want a post '50's stronger, tougher tone use Alnico 5, which is readily available in onez & twozees.  
Also wind them with more turns. 8.5/9.5K works well with Alnico 5. With Alnico 2 I don't go over about 8.5K.  
Use the ceramics on something else. They may make a decent sounding P-90, I don't know, but they will sound different using the standard 10,000 turns.
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