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Rewind or Junk - Squire S.C.

3/21/2003 7:29 PM
Rewind or Junk - Squire S.C.
Can you rewind Jap Squire single coil pup's or do you just live with them till you can afford to junk them?  
Does it make any sense to try to add some wire to the bridge PU to fatten it up and knock down the piercing highs?  
I have a couple of Schaller cream humbuckers (Neck)with hex screws in both coils. They peg about 16K.  
Been thinking about trying to strip one side down to try to clean up the sound. Muddy fuzzy. I replaced these with a D150 Lace in the bridge and a PRS dragon 2 in the neck. Much, much better!  
3/21/2003 9:01 PM
Sure you can rewind them, I started by mostly rewinding that kind of stuff. Not always the best parts to work with, but you can get very good results.
3/22/2003 7:25 AM

The original coil may be useable....I'd start be replacing the slugs and ceramic magnet assembly with alnicoV magnets and see what that does for you. I've done this a couple of times and ended up with a decent sounding single. Your mileage may vary, but I found it to be worthwhile.
3/22/2003 11:59 AM
James Weston

Is it very easy to do this without damaging the coil? Also, if a pickup has alnico staggered pole pieces is it possible to remove these and replace with flat ones ?  
3/23/2003 2:55 PM

Most of the import singles have a full plastic bobbin and the wire is not directly wound onto the polepieces. Punching out the slugs won't hurt'em. As far as leveling staggered magnets goes, I would'nt even bother with it. Too easy to damage the coil either by grinding or smacking on them to remove/level them at the cover.  
My .02$
3/28/2003 2:42 PM
from my expirience with squier sc's the slugs and magnets are a little more difficult to remove than a std strat sc. you may have to get something to dissolve the adhesive, and being that it is made out of plastic, you can't boil it to get the wax off it warps it.

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