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Re: Wire Quality & Wire Tensioners

3/18/2003 1:46 PM
David Root
Re: Wire Quality & Wire Tensioners
They must work pretty well because the outfit in Arizona I'm buying from has several pickup winding customers around the country. They asked $350 each but came down to $280 each for a lot of three. These are the Meteor 484-01B, completely rebuilt to "as new" condition. I talked at length with the owner, who is Swiss and worked with Meteor for years. Seems to know his stuff.  
There is also an outfit in the UK, Winding Technologies Ltd., in Huddersfield, who quote lower prices, but you have to pay them by intl. wire transfer and that is expensive and a big pita, at least it was for me.  
My main challenge is to figure out how to mount them, on or off the winder itself.
3/18/2003 2:31 PM
Dr. Strangelove

It's good to finally get some feedback on tensioners. Azonics was uncertain about their tensioners' suitability unless you keep things below 900 rpm or so.  
Given the high pricetag on standard industrial tensioners like Tanac, Necoa, and Meteor, that $280 sticker on the rebuilt Meteor is a terrific bargain.  
For mounting, I'd try getting steel rod stock that the tensioner can clamp onto, then figure out how to mount the rod. Since the winding tension is usually 1.5-2.0 oz, it needn't be earthquake-proof.  
3/18/2003 2:50 PM
David Root

The clamp on the back of these units takes 20mm dia. tubing for the horizontal run and that is fitted into 30mm rod for the vertical support. That is plenty tough and I guess designed to cover all their dereelers (which is what they call them). The 484-01B is the second lightest duty size, covers 32 to 46AWG wire. I could get this stuff from my supplier but I will try to cobble something up from Lowe's and Home Despot first as it'll be lots cheaper.  
Fender recommended tension for 42 ga. wire is 33 gm, about 1.13 oz.
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