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3/5/2003 3:14 AM
Kevin Swaim
Okay, I've finally wound my first couple of pickups(Still waiting to hear how it sounds, NATHAN!), and now I have a really, really dumb question. For a RWRP pickup, I turn the bobbin so that the top faces the faceplate and wind that way, which would be counterclockwise, as well as putting the magnets in north side up, as opposed to the south side up for bridge and neck pickups? Is that it? I've read Jason's book, like, a dozen times, but I must be so dense I just don't quite get it. Or, I get it, but am afraid I don't. :)
3/5/2003 3:55 AM
assuming that's "top down" as opposed to how you wound the other one, yeah that's it.
Actually, if you insulate the poles to make sure the coil wires do not short to them; you can wind the same direction and just use the start as hot on one and stop as hot on the other...
3/5/2003 4:33 AM
Kevin Swaim

Thanks, SK! I wound the other ones bottom towards the face place, so I'll wind it with the top towards the face plate.  
BTW, I'm using really good carpet tape, but it is not that good. I had my second coil fly off at about 800 rpm. I was probably winding too fast, especially as it was only my second pickup, however, the amazing thing is the wire didn't actually break. And the coil flew across the table and landed on the floor! I had to stop and listen to my heart beat for about five minutes. Not cool when you are squinting with one eye and tensioning the wire with your fingers.  
3/5/2003 11:17 AM
Yeah. been there (part of the reason I prefer tailstock winders)  
BTW, e-mail I've sent to you get's kicked back..."connection timed out"
3/5/2003 11:50 PM
Kevin Swaim

Must be something weird with the mail server. Try sending me another one.
3/6/2003 2:11 AM

sent, we'll see if it goes thru
3/5/2003 9:42 PM
Curtis Novak

I have 2 methods I use for mounting the bobbin for winding:  
1) I have a few common screw hole patterns in my mounting plate I then thread 2 6/32 screws from the back side of the plate screwing into the bobbin.  
2) This is for bobbins without a standard mounting screw holes: I use a small amount of butyl this stuff stays sticky and pliable for ever. I have a ball the size of a marble I have been using for a year now. I just roll it out like putty rope stick it to the bottom of the bobbin push it to the mounting plate and it stays put.  
good luck.  

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