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Gauge & bobbin question

2/20/2003 1:56 AM
Gauge & bobbin question
Hi all!  
I'm just about ready to spin up my first pick-up and I had a few questions.  
I have a 2lb spool of 40 guage magnet wire and I'm planning on making a P-90. I have the design for the bobbin all drawn up accurate on my computer and it would be easy for me to make it 5% bigger before I construct it to handle the thicker winding. Should I do this? Or will the standard size P-90 bobbin work? I'm building my bobbins so I can make it either size. what do you think?  
I was also thinking about using tiny machine screws to attach and solder the coil and lead wires to instead of eyelets. will that work?  
And off topic; Could someone please tell me, on a resonator guitar, whats that handle shaped metal bar that runs across the front of the cone and the strings run under called? what does it do?  
Thanks for sharing!!!!
2/20/2003 3:35 AM
Jason Lollar

youll have to make the coil taller and wider if you want to get to 10,000 turns, I wind alot with 38 gauge and the coils are huge.  
I dont know of an accurate way to predict coil size without trial and error.  
Someone has a program that determines coil size around here although I have never tried it and dont know what perameters it takes into account.  
Use eyelets, I used copper posts along time ago and they were tough to solder to properly.  
the strap on the dobro or national is a hand rest and it keeps you from crushing the cone. Slam you hand down a few times without it and the action will get all screwed up and the cone will eventually deform beyond repair.
2/20/2003 6:07 AM

yeves developed that program, and it takes into consideration height width, core ht width (or polepiece size/spacing basicly), wire guage and amount of "scatter". whatever was left out was solved for (pretty much anyways) Pretty cool little prog, but I haven't seen the last version I don't think...
2/20/2003 1:13 PM
Adam Ziegler

Yeves may have developed a program, but from your description it sounds like the program I designed. If anyone wants to try it out, e-mail me, and Ill send you the latest version. Ive been a bit behind lately since ive been busy at work, but Ill work on getting the new version out tonight.  
-Adam Ziegler
2/20/2003 2:36 PM

Damn Adam, of course you're right! VERY sorry about that!  
Btw, send me the latest version, and do you mind if I make it avail for download?
2/20/2003 4:02 PM

Thanks for the reply guys much-o appreciated!  
Jason & SK your sites are awesome. Again thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
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