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Who actaully makes the most accurate P.A.F?

1/7/2003 5:01 PM
bill Who actaully makes the most accurate P.A.F?
Other than going on Ebay and buying a real genuine gibson P.A.F,who has a prodution model for sale that is "near perfect"? in tone?  
There are so many! i am talking about a 1957-58 P.A.F?
1/7/2003 5:45 PM

Well ME of course!  
Actually, I'm probably the only maker here who doesn't have a "production model" of a PAF for sale, and I'm sure they all feel thiers are as good as any others.  
Honestly, I think it's a poor question and if you want an opinionated "flavor of the month" answer you should ask at the "unofficial les paul forum". Maybe someone else here feels differently and will give you an answer you'll like better.  
BTW, I hate the phrase "PAF tone". That is just WAY too vague, and insinuates that PAF's were consistent and there is "one base tone" you are referring to. In fact, pre '60s PAF's are very INCONSISTENT and vary in the way they sound especially based upon the guitar they are in and the rig they are run thru...
1/8/2003 3:33 PM
bill Re: Who actually makes the most accurate P.A.F?
SK,i should have been more specific with this qusetion because like you said they(paf's) did vary a great deal.  
I wanted one that was at a overwound 8.7K or so and has a alnico II magnet and believe it or not potted!  
I hear this changes the tone,but the feedback is too much to take unpotted.  
In essence,i like the tone Vanhalen got from his old potted gibson PAF he used from a 61' ES-335 on his first record?
1/8/2003 8:31 PM
Most of us can do that...
1/10/2003 12:57 AM
Of all the humbuckers I've tried over the years, I think Seymour Duncans SETH LOVER model is what I find most pleasing to my ear. They are made (with Seth's input) just like Seth original designed them. There are lots of great sounding PAF clones out there, but for the money the Seth's are very nice.
1/10/2003 8:20 AM
Wolfe Macleod

I've rewound a few SD Seth's over the last few years. If I recall correctly, they used the current 1/4 inch coil height. Original PAF's were .015 taller. That 15 thousnadths makes a difference.  
I could be remembering wrong though...but it sticks in my mind they they were Seth's.  
1/10/2003 3:20 PM
Most P.A.F clones out there are pretty good,i agree with SK about one not sounding like another.  
P.A.F's were very inconsistant and the result was a difference in tone from one to another.  
for the one you specified(vh type tone) any 8.7K-9.3K overwound P.A.F that utilizes a alnico II magnet(that is what VH had in his) will get real close if you use a old marshall like he did.  
and SK can wind you want you want and he is a lot more resonable in price and i recomend him because unlike duncan his pu's are not mass produced and they are of very high quality!
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