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Humbucker Question

11/24/2002 5:49 AM
John Fisher
Humbucker Question
I am planning on making a couple of Humbuckers from scratch for my Home Made Les Paul.  
This may be an unclear question but to get a good original Gibson sound, what would be good for the wire and the amount of windings!  
I plan to use one alinco bar magnet for each pickup. Is #42 the recomended thickness? To get PAF results what would be good?  
Also, can somone tell me what effect having the metal cover on or off has on the sound of the pickup?  
Thanks for any input o this.  
Joh Fisher
11/25/2002 11:30 AM
Hi John,  
I'm doing a very similar thing to you and have asked some similar questions below.  
Metal covers take off some of the high end of the note making it a bit smoother, duller and less defined.  
Wire: use #42 AWG with single build polyurethane insulation: It's not the insulation on original ones, but it's easier to solder and is unlikely to have any effect on the tone. You'll need roughly 150-200 grams of wire for each pickup I think.  
According to Andy each coil in the humbucker should have 4500-5000 winds.  
The coils should be:  
Coil depth:  
current 6.35mm (.250)  
PAF: 6.73mm (.265)  
and the Bar magnet dimensions should be:  
Gibson bar mags: Current 3.19 x 12.71 x 59.07mm (.125 x .5 x 2.325")  
PAF: same but length 63.5mm (2.51")  
Hope that helps: Guys please correct me if I've gotten any of this wrong.  
11/25/2002 4:12 PM
John Fisher

Thanks Matt,  
That's the info I was looking for.  
John Fisher

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