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Re: Graphics of magnetic fields, A5rod, A5rod w/ baseplate

11/1/2002 3:37 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: Graphics of magnetic fields, A5rod, A5rod w/ baseplate
First of all, thank you. Second, sweet!  
I have a couple of questions. I've pondered doing things on the cheap and sticking a ceramic magnet underneath some "polepieces" simply made out of sawed off and smoothed nail pieces. How do fields change when the source of the field is in one spot and conducted through something else, or does that matter? I'm also curious about what happens to the field when solid Fender-style polepieces are bevelled to have a slightly concave hourglass shape. Not much, but enough to have a smaller diameter around the middle than at the ends.  
The other thing that starts to get curious is what happens when one combines magnetic field types in side-by-side humbuckers. Obviously they won't behave as if they were two separate kinds of fields and polepieces because they ARE coupled, and essentially two ends of a contiguous magnetic device. But would bevelling of one set of polepices be detectable in terms of tone? Could one conceivably play with polepice dimensions/shape for tonal purposes the way one plays with wire and turns?  
Inquiring minds want to know.
11/1/2002 3:18 PM

this would be a shaped A5 rod
You'r other question would be very similar to slugs with mag underneath (image on the site below) I put all of the ones I've done here:  
There's stuff not posted here.

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