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Re: sk's winder

9/14/2002 8:14 PM
Re: sk's winder
I used to make knives and swords professionally. Did it for seven years, both by "flat stock removal" and the traditional forge and hammer method, Damascus, and Japanese style folding.  
Grizzley was the tool of choice!  
We used angle griders when doing flatstock removal, to grind and shape the bladed. We'd burn out the other grinders in a day, sometimes two. Grizzzley's lasted a whole week, sometimes two. When they died, Grizzley would replace them.  
11/12/2002 10:25 PM
Mike Ripley

No Kidding?!!!  
Damn Wolfe, I've Been making Knives Off & On For years... Never Got a Chance To Try Forging though. I've Made Many A Tough Survival Knife out Of Used Power Hacksaw Blades From Alaska.  
9/12/2002 7:50 PM
I updated the page
New pic at the end with some new info, most of it's uninteresting....
9/12/2002 7:50 PM
Duh... here's the link

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