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sk's winder

9/11/2002 7:40 PM
sk's winder
SK thats a nice looking winder it looks like from the pics. that you have some sort of speed pot it is that true if so what is it and hows it wired I've got an old wood lathe too and probabaly save me a lot of work in builing one you mentioned you had a forward and reversing switch on . I take that you motor is 220 or 240 volt? did the switch you used to trigger your counter come with it or did you have to order it seperately? can you tell me what it is and where i can get it ?
9/11/2002 8:11 PM

the speed control on it was factory, but a fan speed control might work; they're pretty cheap. The winder is 120(110)v and the reverse switch simply swaps hot and ground to the motor around. The counter is a Red Lion, the hall effects sensor was a seperate item and made by honeywell. I see them on E-bay occasionally and that's where I bought mine. I wired it all internally to the Lathe so that the counter and everything is powered by one switch(actually two since the forward reverse has a "center off" position) This is actually not advised for the counter as fluctuations in the power supply/demand can cause errors in the counting. For critical applications it's supposed to have it's own supply (not even on the same circuit as the motor) Not a big deal in this application as there are no major load changes or power fluctuations caused durring the winding. (it's an industrial counter and some industrial applications/machines have major power demand changes) Still, it may introduce a very small amount of error, but not enough to notice. It's changed a little since I put up the article. It's now mounted to a base wich has 8 rubber feet to isolate vibration, and carry handles for moving it. It also has a tensioner built into the hand rest now.
9/11/2002 8:24 PM

got any more pics yet?
9/11/2002 8:25 PM

I can, maybe later....
9/11/2002 8:26 PM

ok great thanks
9/11/2002 8:33 PM

i got a panel meter from where i used to work it got wet they throwed it out i salvaged it it has output relays that i can use to shut the winder off after required number of turns it also has rpm capability and will alternate the display to reflect that ithas a self excitment circuit for the input signal from the counting device so ill have to use a dry contact for the counter i think it will be a good setup once i get it all together
9/12/2002 8:42 PM
Mike Ripley

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