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Re: P-90 in a humbucker sized mount....the real deal

8/30/2002 11:35 PM
Jason Lollar
Re: P-90 in a humbucker sized mount....the real deal
Both Wolfe and I are working out a P90 coil that fits in most HB routes but both use a different mounting method.  
P-90's are too long to fit in an HB cover.  
You can buy P-90 bobbins in qty of 100 from WD if you can get them to sell to you.  
I use Forbon, for one reason I have seen too many P-90's with bobbin rot where the plastic has degraded and shorts out the coil. You dont have to worry about that for 30 + years though, so really I make my own bobbins to tweek the design for better tone.
8/31/2002 1:29 AM
Re: P-90 in a humbucker sized mount
Just for your info and off the subject a little...  
Some of you may already know this but..  
I manufactured a couple of custom active mini-humbuckers for a guy who owned an old gold top Les Paul.. His original mini's had those rather large pickup mounting rings around them..which I always thought looked a little trashy. When I removed the pu from the guitar and started to measure up I realised that the rout in the body was actually that done for P90. So this tells me that Gibson may have designed the mini humbucker mounting ring to facilitate mounting the mini-humbuckers into all those LP's with P90 cavities.  
So basically all I am saying is any LP with mini-humbuckers can have a P90 dropped straight in...  
Mastertone Pickups
8/31/2002 1:34 AM
Jason Lollar

That is true Tony, the mini was the direct replacement for the 90, thats why they had those funky mounting rings on the minis.
8/31/2002 5:53 PM
Chris the guitarist formally known as ChrisTheAdminGuy
Sorry to be late to the party re the tone of the recent spate of 'P90's in a Humbucker size".  
I've heard the Gibson ones and the Kent Armstrong ones.  
1. Neither were like a real P90.  
2. The Kent Armstrong sounded way sweet and more musical then the gibson.  
3. Although not copies of true P90 tone, they were nice alternatives to the usual humbucker tone.
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