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Wire tension

8/28/2002 9:42 AM
Wire tension
Hello gentlemen,  
What is the correct wire tension for winding a humbucker(I mean, winding a humbucker with tight winds)? How can I increase/decrease tension?  
Thanks guys,  
8/28/2002 1:33 PM

Depending on the diameter of wire used.... which obviously effects the tensile strength I have worked out maximum figures before failure/breakage of the wire....  
AWG42 Dia 0.0635 Max Tension 36.74gms  
AWG43 Dia 0.0558 Max Tension 28.45gms  
AWG44 Dia 0.0507 Max Tension 23.51gms  
AWG45 Dia 0.0447 Max Tension 18.20gms  
These figures are based on a copper tensile strength of 200MPa.  
A quick and easy way of tensioning wire is to use felt wrapped under and over the wire with a couple of spring loaded plastic clothes pegs... two clothes pegs is more than enough to break the wire if you set them both directly above the wire... when I was using this method a while back now I found 1 full peg on the wire and another peg almost over the wire... sought of like 1 and a half pegs, so to speak worked just fine. This is a cheap and easy way to do it and it works... Wolfe taught me that one when I was starting out.. and its a great idea.  
8/29/2002 6:09 AM

Hi Tony,  
I don't really understand your 'peg' method. Where do you attach the peg (besides on the wire?) Wouldnt the peg end up wrapped around the bobbin? I mean, is the peg attached to something to stop it from moving?(to keep the peg localized?)  
Thank you  
8/28/2002 7:22 PM

As well as Tony's clothes pegs another simple idea for variable tension is glue some felt to two large washers, perhaps an inch diameter, with small holes.  
Arrange a small bracket in line with the coil wire path.  
Using a inch and a half 3 mmm screw and wing nut together with a compression spring (strat height adjustment spring is ideal),trap the wire between the felts pads.  
Tightening the wing nut increases tension and vice versa.  
Simple and effective!  
8/29/2002 12:52 AM

Thanks guys

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