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RE: Alternative forum style

8/26/2002 4:10 PM
RE: Alternative forum style
Here's an example of one of the PHP forum styles that can be done witht he stuff I found.  
What I like about this style forum is that it moves the newest "replied-to" threads back to the top. It shows you how many replies are in a given thread, as well as how many times the thread has been viewed.  
You can edit your posts. Smilies, HTML support, pictures, profiles, the whole works.  
Still checking into it.  
8/26/2002 9:38 PM

Hi Wolfe,  
While it's true that the software I've written for AMPAGE doesn't have all the features of the latest "UBB style" boards, it does have most of the features you mentioned, and I'll be adding more as time goes by. :)  
Please give it a try for the time being, and if it turns out that the group feels more bells and whistles are needed than I can add in a timely fashion, I'll consider installing phpBB or something similar.  
8/27/2002 10:51 AM

Looks good, same format as Harmony...  

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