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Another Alternative

8/26/2002 2:27 AM
Another Alternative
Just found a link to some forum software.  
It's a nice, user freindly forum format that can be modified to taste.  
Also, found a hosting site that for less than $10/month can get us 200 MB storage space and 20 Gigs of transfer per month, plus alot more.  
Thinking of registering something like  
or something like that.  
This message is crossposted at the old forum too.  
What do we think?  
8/26/2002 2:12 PM

I checked out your link and I couldn't get any forums up... and their demo had a critical failure....... doesn't sound promising.  
Will keep it in mind though..  
Mastertone Pickups
8/26/2002 4:00 PM

YEa, I saw the demo forum was down. Might be a server issue or something, or an upgrade/hack they attempted to put into it.  
Since that forum software is "open source" programmers are free to modify it at will and try new things with it.  
I'm gunna see if my website host will support a test run for it though, and try to see how well it works.  

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