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Re: God Bless Dr Hubble!

7/17/2003 5:48 PM
John Fisher Re: God Bless Dr Hubble!
Here is a few more discripancies to the big bang theory:  
More than 98 percent of the sun is hydrogen and helium--the two lightest elements. If we came from the sun, why do we have such an abundance of heavier elements? As Fred Hoyle noted: "We see that material torn from the sun would not be at all suitable for the formation of the planets as we know them. Its composition would be hopelessly wrong."  
Likewise, it is proposed that the various moons in our solar system spun off from their mother planets. But of the sixty-plus known satellites, more than twenty orbit backwards compared to their planets' orbit of the sun, while the rest move in the same direction. Why the discrepancies? If the moon came from Earth, why is it so different? As Science Digest noted after the Apollo lunar landings:  
To the surprise of scientists, the chemical makeup of the moon rocks is distinctly different from that of rocks on Earth. This difference implies that the moon formed under different conditions, Prof. [A.G.W.] Cameron explains, and means that any theory on the origin of the planets now will have to create the moon and the earth in different ways. [Jerry E. Bishop, "New Theories of Creation," Science Digest 72 (October 1972): 42.]
And now, a word from our sponsors:

7/17/2003 7:01 PM
Dave H.
7/19/2003 3:10 AM
Mighty Zeus Re: God performs another miracle
Yes, I remember that story. The first thing he said when he awoke was that he was hungry and wanted to eat.  
I can't blame him! I'd be famished too if I was fed through a dripping sugar bag connected to a needle in my arm for 19 years. It's amazing that his taste buds and toungue still worked. You would think they would have atrophied and disappeared after what had to have felt like a near eternity.
7/20/2003 5:46 PM
interesting story.

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