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Re: Separation of church and state

4/9/2003 4:49 PM
Re: Separation of church and state
Mark, I think the more common & perverted misinterpretation is that public and community places/events should be free from any religion. For example, some people can't grasp that it's okay for the daily session of Congress to open with a prayer.
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4/9/2003 6:00 PM
Mark Ingram
I agree with you completely, except for one point: Christianity seems to be less tolerable than other religions, with the possible exception of Judahism. And, yeah.Congress does open with prayer! What's up with that?
4/9/2003 11:04 PM

hmm...are you saying your observation is that a) Christianity is the biggest domestic target, or b) you think it is in fact, less tolerable?  
If a) I think that's just typical for us in the west. Everything foreign and non-mainstream must be better than what we already have and are familiar with.  
In 1880 or so, W.S. Gilbert wrote a patter song wherein a list is created. One line includes, "People who sing the praise of every country but their own." It's an old British tradition. In my perspective, if Hinduism is so cool (think George Harrison), why was Mother Teresa so popular in India?  
If b) that's a very long discussion wherein I conclude that Christianity is unique among world religions and I see it as a positive from both secular and non-secular perspectives. It has to do with hope and the possibility of things getting better. Some schmart aleck on PBS once called Science the illegitimate child of Christianity. It's an interwoven history. I'd further the statement to say that Science is more directly a child of the Protestant Reformation.

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