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Geraldo - WTF?

4/2/2003 4:36 PM
bob predaina Geraldo - WTF?
What the hell is going on with Geraldo Rivera? He reveals tactical information on troop movements and supply lines, putting his country's servicemen at risk. WTF? Then, when he's asked by the Pentagon to leave Iraq, he tells them no, that he's marching on to Baghdad. Is this guy just stupid, or is he guilty of an act of treason and worthy of a firing squad?
4/2/2003 5:22 PM
Mark Hammer

Nah, he just suffers from what every famous person also suffers from - being surrounded by people who tell you you're wonderful so often that you come to reject all contrasting opinions and lose your moral and intellectual compass. I had the pleasure of meeting James Brown about a year before he had his little PCP/jail-time "unpleasantness". He too was surrounded by folks who could never tell him to his face that he was wrong, and so he drifted off the path. I'm sure not only entertainment industry figures but political leaders (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) face the same sort of predicament too.  
There is a certain personal risk to being in the omnipresent company of ass-kissers.
4/2/2003 7:20 PM

"he just suffers from what every famous person also suffers from - being surrounded by people who tell you you're wonderful so often that you come to reject all contrasting opinions and lose your moral and intellectual compass."
I remember the sad day when I saw the secret Gumby video tapes on NBC. He was smoking a big cigar, constantly swearing, and he'd surrounded himself with his "Walkmen". Sad, sad day.
4/2/2003 7:23 PM
Mark Lavelle

I had the (dubious) pleasure of spending a few minutes chatting with Geraldo back in '73, when our band opened for the N.Y. Dolls. I don't recall if he was covering the Dolls' show or just attending, but our mgr thought we just had to meet him.  
Even then his ego was bigger than a house, and I don't think he'd made it to network TV, yet (but I'll grant that he was already well known in the NYC region). Some people just think they're god's gift to the rest of us, and that whatever they do we'll all benefit from knowing about it...
4/2/2003 10:43 PM
bob predaina
good points, Mark! I don't doubt that some of those pentagon guys and Geraldo all suffer from a bad case of Groupthink. too much patting on the back and always being told you're right can really screw up your abilities for objective thinking. not that this is a problem for me though -- i get told i'm wrong all of the time!
4/2/2003 6:16 PM

With my active imagination its not difficult to visualize a situation where Geraldo's or any other reporter's reporting is fully orchestrated by the US military to the extreme advantage of their objectives.  
Even if he has given away troop positions, can we be so sure whether it was accurate info or intentionally misleading, and either way I would still question whether it was intentional or not on the part of the military that his reports were publicized.  
Psychological warfare elements can be more effective than physical confrontation, while usually carrying lower risks.  
Further, this concept could be surrounded by an additional shell of disinformation, where both Geraldo and officers he has been traveling closely with actually are at odds in reality, but in a predictable way as part of a larger plan where Geraldo only thinks he is consistently giving out accurate information each time he reports. Recognized controversy could add an air of believability, but actual controversy would seem to be more realistic than contrived controversy.  
4/2/2003 10:49 PM
bob predaina
Mike, it would be really crafty for Military Intelligence to intentionally feed Geraldo disinformation, expecting that he'd intentionally spread it to the enemy. Unfortunately, even though I also have an active imagination, it seems difficult for me to swallow MI as being that smart. But then, I could be wrong.  
Regardless of whether or not Geraldo was fed disinformation for distribution to the enemy, the problem remains that he did release that information to the enemy, and whether it was information or disinformation is a moot point.  
Several civilian spies have been convicted of espionage for divulging classified disinformation to the enemy, so the arguments that others have made regarding civilians being immune from prosecution for Treason are incorrect. the only question that I really have about all of this is whether both civilians and the military can be executed for treason. I know that the military can be, but I don't remember the disposition of any of the prominent spy cases. What about Fless? Anybody know about this?

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