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Yet another prespective.

4/1/2003 9:25 PM
Joe king
Yet another prespective.
This letter was e mailed to me from Emily Francona she is well versed in US military intelegence (Do a search on the the name Francona for some real info there is a lot to read)  
This letter is from one of our troops a local kid, he's from Medford Oregon:  
I just got a disturbing e-mail from one of my friends back home. She's keeping me informed about what the news is saying about the war and everything, and she told me about all the riots and protests going on. Is it really that bad? Do people really misunderstand the situation so badly?  
Here is my message to America:  
I am a U.S. Marine attached to an F-18 squadron currently stationed in Kuwait. I am 22 years old with many people back home who love and miss me. I miss them and my country very much and I can't wait to return home, but right now I am a part of something that is more important than myself. It is even more important than all of my friends and family.  
Our country is at war -- not a war for control of oil, or some stupid political dispute. This war is being fought to protect our country, our homes, from the threat of terrorist attacks. The man running Iraq is himself a terrorist. He just operates at a nation-state level of power. If we don't act now, how long will it be before another attack is carried out on U.S. soil?  
Sept. 11 was enough warning for me, as it was for every other serviceman and woman in the armed forces. We understand why we are here, and we are ready to do whatever is necessary to rid our country of this threat.  
For those of you who protest this war, take a moment to think. What exactly are you protesting? Are you concerned with the safety of your family and friends over here? Understand it was our choice to go. We are here because we love you so much that we will not sit idly by and allow your lives to be threatened by some maniac.  
Are you concerned for the lives of the innocent Iraqis? I assure you, we are urging, even pleading with their military to lay down their weapons and allow this conflict to be settled with as little bloodshed as possible. We don't want to kill any innocent people. We are going as far out of our way as possible to ensure civilians aren't harmed by our attacks.  
What do you hope to accomplish? I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise your right of free speech, but think about what you are saying before you speak. Do you understand how much it hurts those of us involved in this war when we hear that you don't even appreciate the sacrifice we are making for you? Don't you realize we are here for you, by our own accord? If you are so concerned for us, why don't you write letters of support and encouragement? If you are so concerned for the people of Iraq, why don't you send food or money or volunteer to help with relief missions?  
This war is just. We will accomplish our mission, with or without your support. We will ensure the safety of our country and we will extend that freedom to those willing to take it. When we are finished, we will come home. Please allow us the opportunity to return home to a grateful nation. Mom, I hope that will get through to some of them. Thank you for understanding and supporting us. And please thank everyone else who appreciates our service.  
I love you. NICK (Lance Cpl. Nicholas B. Orlik, in a letter to his mother, Risa Orlik of Medford)
4/1/2003 9:38 PM
Matt in TX

That's awesome. Thanks for posting it.
4/2/2003 1:17 AM
David Mitchell

Great post.  
It brings up a great point. I'd be willing to bet not one of these peaceniks or hollywood frauds who are going around saying "I support the troops but not the war" have written one letter of support or sent any supplies to our great men and women of the armed forces.  
Regardless of your stance on the war, these people would put their lives on the line at any time to protect us much like the way police or firemen would risk their lives also. I hate the way our servicemen and women go underappreciated by some.  
America has enabled many people to make good lives for themselves and some of these people are so selfish that they don't realize the great lives we lead here are directly paid for with the blood of American soldiers.  
4/2/2003 3:42 PM
It's probably just as well the troups aren't up to  
speed on the Project for a New American Century  
or the National Security Strategy. Or the curreny  
war going on between the dollar and the Euro. Or  
how Irag oil is going to pay for the war and line a few oilmen's pockets. Wouldn't want them all to say  
"hell no,we won't go"
4/2/2003 9:27 PM
Joe king
No substance here!
Thank you very much from out in left feild.  
perhaps in the future you could collect some facts before you type.
4/2/2003 9:40 PM
You can start with the National Security Strategy  
document writen by the underling's in the current  
admin. Then do a background search of all their  
business dealings with the military/industrial  
complex. Wolfowitz,Pearle,Cheney spelled it out  
pretty clearly in the NSS document. Then look up Project for a new American Century and see who was involved in that. This war is about empire.  
They all stand to make a whole lot of money off this war.
4/7/2003 6:06 PM
You left out the part about the Jewish banking conspiracy. Oiy Veh :)

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