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Re: Iraqiburgers

3/29/2003 1:26 AM
Mark Lavelle
Re: Iraqiburgers
What's Argentine food like?  
Here in the SF Bay area some of my favorite restaurants are Persian (aka Iranian) and Afghan. I'm also lucky enough to live 1/2 mile from a fantastic Thai restaurant (there are tons of Asian restaurants here, but not so many great ones).
3/29/2003 6:40 AM
John Fisher

"What's Argentine food like?"
I lived there for a few years. They major on Meat. They eat lots of it and it is good. Every house has a large Barbique on their patio where they have what you call an "asado". This is where they barbaque lots of good meat. Argentina is not as latin as other counties in South America but is more european in culture.They have good pastas and my impression is that there is a lot of Italian influence in their food. Boy they have good food. They also have lots of empanadas and they have very good wine that is cheap. I am speaking mainy about the common food but they have lots of other things. It's funny that even though they have very good wine that is cheap you don't see too many alcoholics. it is also a very clean country.  
Right now because of the economic crisis you can get a great meal with beverages and everything for just a couple of dollars or less.  
John Fisher
3/29/2003 10:54 PM
Stephen Giles
In the South of Argentina they eat a lot of lamb and fish. As John said, the beef in Argentina is the best in the world, far superior to the steaks I have tasted in the USA so far. You can forget British beef. Anne & I go to the Anglo Argentine "asado" in July every year West of London - mucho maravilloso!!
3/30/2003 12:13 AM
Dai Hirokawa

Saw a short piece on Japanese TV on how ordinary people are doing in Baghdad, and it showed some Iraqis eating in an American style eatery (mother + child munching out on burgers, fried chicken being served, etc.). Wasn't a franchise, but there was "Kentucky" written in English on the wall which was kind of funny. The reporter speculated that this kind of restaurant was a holdover from when Iraq had better relations with the U.S.  

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