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Anyone playing guitar at church?

2/16/2004 7:34 PM
Frank De Salvo
Anyone playing guitar at church?
Just curious.  
2/16/2004 10:18 PM
Mark Ingram

I do.  
But the church is about 50% black, 30% white, 15% Hispanic, and 5% 'asian'. Music tends toward urban gospel, with a little rock-n-roll thrown in to keep us pale-faces happy. Kinda loud and rowdy by most people's standards.  
Any more questions, feel free to ask.  
2/16/2004 10:57 PM
Frank DeSalvo

Nothin' wrong with a little flavor! :D  
I love churches that aren't afraid to get down with some music. Personally, I believe it would be such an honor to play music for the Big Guy. The way I see it is He gave(loaned)me the drive and ability to play for a reason and if I can give Him some praise and thanks by playing in church, then I'm going to do that. Lot's of people find solace and inspiration in music and what better way to express your thanks?!  
I'm supposed to audition for the electric guitar position in a few weeks for the church where I worship and I'm pretty excited about it. They play lots of great music and for the electric guitarrist, there is plenty of room for self expression. There are a few songs that just need a ripping blues solo and some of them could use some little accents here and there.  
2/17/2004 8:25 PM
Carl S.

Frank -  
I happen to know the Big Guy likes ripping blues solos :)  
Good luck, man!
2/17/2004 9:05 PM
Stephen Giles
Yes, but isn't the next big thing to be "Sacred Harp" singing? No guitars there thankyou very much!
2/17/2004 10:47 PM
Frank DeSalvo

Haha, you guys rawk! :D  
2/18/2004 2:02 AM
"Kinda loud and rowdy by most people's standards."  
What's wrong with that??!!! That sounds like fun! Ever been to a Catholic service? ZZzzzzzzzzz........  
I'm not a religious guy but I could see playing ina church band, especially if the musicians are good and its fun. I'd do it, but they probably wouldn't want anybody that wasn't already a member of the church I suppose, huh?  
It'd also be tough getting up early Sunday morning after a late Saturday gig.
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