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OT: Arcade game monitor flyback

2/9/2004 2:46 PM
Stefaan Van Slycken
OT: Arcade game monitor flyback
Hi guys,  
something totally different - but I know some people here are into arcade games.  
I'm looking for the flyback part# of a 25" Hantarex POLO monitor (from a Mortal Kombat game). Defective flyback has no marking on it whatsoever. an HR equivalent is also helpful. I found that the equivalent for the POLO/2 series is HR7375 but I'm not sure whether it's the same as the POLO (without /2) series.  
kind regards,  
Stefaan Van Slycken
2/9/2004 11:50 PM

The Hantarex distributor in the USA will sell parts - or did last time it came up for me. Look on the various tags on the chassis and get the model number or chassis number. Then contact Hantarex and ask. They are still with us aren't they? Mostly I see Wells Gardner monitors and the occasional Electrohome from older games. I have been in the coin-operated arcade game industry for thirty years. But I don't see the big monitors often.
2/16/2004 5:16 PM
Stefaan Van Slycken

Hi Enzo,  
just a head's up on this monitor... Hantarex is still in business, sent them an email... I got a pricelist with the LOTs for these monitors, and somebody on the Techassist e-mail list helped me out... I wound up with 2 different possible HR types with different pinouts, but with the chassis in my hands i found out soon enough which one it was.  
BTW i don't know if I kept you informed on my jukebox which you helped me with a couple of months ago... I got it working after I got the schematic for the central control computer, apparently somebody had replaced a 10k with a 1k resistor, so that took a lot of time to find. Anyway, it's playing like a charm now!  

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