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Re: Permanent marking for tubes?

1/15/2004 1:47 AM
Mark Lavelle Re: Permanent marking for tubes?
I'm gonna have to try these "industrial" Sharpies - I know for sure that the regular ones just rub off, heated or not...
1/19/2004 11:03 AM
Steve Conner

What about the stuff they use for etching security numbers into your car windows? I don't know if you can buy the kit, or if you have to get it done by a garage. But it can definitely be done.  
Steve C.
1/21/2004 6:43 AM
bob p
"Also never wash with water the RCA tubes having the octagon marker, it rinses right off even though it is super permanent regarding tube heat. I think the old Sylvania dark gray permanent numbers might be like this too."
AARGH! I've had that happen to me with both RCA and Sylvania tubes. I had the fortune to inherit a Sylvania TV repairman's travel case, which was chocked full of NOS tubes and used tubes. I made the mistake of trying to wash some of the dust/grime off of them with soap and water, and I ended up losing most of the markings. :(  
regarding the use of sharpies on the tube glass -- is there any potential problem that's attributable to having the ink on the glass? i know that fingerprints on the glass will actually shorten tube life by causing hotspots. i wonder if ink causes similar problems. i would think that writing on the base, or attaching a sticker to the base ( like Ruby) would be a safe way to go.
1/25/2004 3:52 PM
Rob Mercure

With tears in my eyes I cleaned up the remains of a friends electronics workshop about 5 years after her died. His family members had let the out building rot away from a leaking roof which fell and covered his remaining tube inventory (I had been allowed to come in and "high pick" the stock a few years earlier but I lived about 5 hours away). The tube boxes were rotten onto the tubes and the only recourse was to wash the bottles in water. I've managed to figure out what most of the tubes were but I've still got quite a few with Sharpie notes on the side like "triode/pentode" - I can identify what the elements are inside but still have no idea as to the particular designation. Hell, I keep far too many "useless" tubes anyway and I'm guess that someday I'll need to replace a tube and willbe able to visually match up the needed replacement to one of my "mystery" tubes.  
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