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Re: Need recording sound card recommendations, again...

11/1/2003 9:57 AM
Steve A.
Re: Need recording sound card recommendations, again...
Speed said:  
If you need a new MBR, use the no-so documented /mbr flag [FDISK].  
    I ran across some MBR utilities after my fiasco installing GoBack in August.  
    PT-Tool allows you to backup your MBR and partition table to a floppy before you do anything else. With those 3 tools you can see exactly what the /MBR switch does... I should have kept notes but it seems like it tries to repair the MBR rather than just erase it. At least it seemed like some information remained in the MBR after running FDISK /MBR. But does seem to get rid of a lot of the crap that other programs migjht add to the MBR.  
Personally I would not use XP. If you have to, that's different.  
    I can understand why a large company might not want to migrate 500+ computers from Win2K to WinXP, but once you customize the interface it can seem just like Win2K (well, almost! The Start taskbar doesn't look quite the same... :( )  
    WinXP supports HyperThreading in the new line of Pentium 4's (the new buzzword has 13 letters so it has got to be important! ;) )  
    I suspect that both MS and the software developers are slowly phasing out support for Win2K (except as a subset of WinXP). In Windows Update it seems like there are twice as many patches ("recommended updates") for XP than W2K... or does that just mean that XP is twice as buggy??? ;)  
    XP has added features to make it easier for the non-techie user. Like the Network Wizard which will automatically connect and configure all of the XP machines on your network (it will create a floppy disk for those computers running other versions of Windows). Not that I've had much problem connecting my computers with Win2K...  
    On the other hand, I really don't want to support the mindset behind the XP activation rituals so be sure to get the bootleg copy of the corporate edition which requires no activation. ;) As for the reg codes, do not use the numbers published on the internet because they are tagged as pirated numbers and will not work with the service packs. Before uninstalling XP you need to run a "key gen" utility which will hopefully give you several numbers to try when you reinstall XP. These numbers are generated randomly so I don't see how MS can block them in later service packs.  
--Thanks for all of your help on this stuff!  
Steve Ahola

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