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Re: Anyone have experience with M-audio Mobilepre or..

10/24/2003 5:33 PM
Re: Anyone have experience with M-audio Mobilepre or..
just looked at a website with the mobilepre, it does look interesting  
however, for truly portable recording a USB device like this will naturally get its power from the laptop's own rechargeable battery pack. So the limited time you can record without connecting the PC to line power will be reduced compared to the already short period that laptop batteries last.  
What I did was build a stereo analog preamp which can plug into the stereo line input of an ordinary soundcard, and power this preamp with a pair of 9V batteries. With a regular soundcard I am limited to the same 16bits and maximum sampling rate of 48KHz just like the Mobilepre, but I use 44.1KHz anyway so I can record live performances direct to CD quality without need for further resampling before editing and burning. I don't do any mixing or remixing, just editing.  
Unfortunately, now that portable PC's are becoming powerful enough for decent live recording, they have mostly quit providing the stereo input jack to the ADC chip on the soundcard, probably because people had not been making much use of that input :(  
10/24/2003 7:55 PM
Steve A.
Re: Need recording sound card recommendations, again...
After wrestling with my Darla soundcard, which for so many years worked great on Win95 but hardly ever works with WinXP, I realize I may have to get a new soundcard. Even when the Darla works, it's extremely erratic.  
    You might want to try a dual-boot setup on your computer... if you do I think I have a full set of the Win98 drivers. They were kinda touchy and it was a good idea to try all of them to see which one worked best with your computer.  
    So what specific problems have you been having with Darla? BTW what software program are you using?  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola
10/27/2003 2:47 PM
Dual boot, huh? In other words install 98 AND XP? I've been advised against that, but I might be willing to try it. I've had some erratic behaviour onboot up already with this PC, I hesitate to confuse it more.  
Specific problems are that the card will work for a couple days but suddenly quit, where I get a message that it can't identify the card, reinstall the drivers, etc.. Reinstalling the driver I got from echo doesn't help.  
When it IS working, during playback and sometimes record there's a digital clicking sound. It doesn't record the clicking but it is annoying. I've had latency problems, where it'll glitch and the most recently recorded track will be out of sync with the others.  
It also becomes more erratic the more tracks I pile up, any more than 4 or 5 and there's trouble. I hardly ever had any problems when running 95, with as many as 10 tracks.  
Sounds like you've had some experience with the Darla Steve, email me at if you get a chance, I'd love to resolve this.  
One other idea I had was sell it on ebay with the disclaimer that it should be run on 95/98, but that's kinda weak, eh?
10/28/2003 2:27 AM
Steve A.

Dual boot, huh? In other words install 98 AND XP? I've been advised against that, but I might be willing to try it.  
    Well, it was Speed here that mentioned he was using a Win98/Win2K dual-boot setup at home a few years ago so I figured that I'd give it a try... and haven't looked back since! ;)  
    The reason for the dual-boot setup was that some programs or devices might not work properly under Win2K but it got to the point where I was never using Win98 because everything was working just fine under Win2K.  
    I had experimented with other dual boot setups using Partition Magic but the Win98/Win2K dual-boot is much simpler to do. It works because Win98 doesn't recognize the Win2K system files and vice versa. But you do not want two operating systems on the same partition... that's a no-no!  
    I do think that you are supposed to install the older OS first- I don't think that Win2K or WinXP will let you install an earlier OS. :( So you install Win98 on your C partition and get everything working properly, then you run the installation program for Win2K or WinXP, which gives you the option to keep your old OS for a dual-boot setup.  
    I'm convinced that Win2K and WinXP can handle anything I can throw at them so I don't bother with the Win98SE dual boot setup anymore unless it is specifically needed to run older hardware or programs.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola
10/29/2003 2:56 AM
Yeah, I ran 98 mit Win2k for a long while. Installed 98 first (as it is the "least aware" IMHO..) Win2k on install "sees" the other patition and gives you the option of not killing it.. and away you go. My soundcard only had Win95/98 drivers, my dig camera's only USB driver was for 95/98.. so I kinda needed both. Needed the stability of Win2k for working, the games & gadgets of 98 to play. Works great. Win2k Can read the Win98 partition/folders & files you you have a "peer to peer" network, sorta. ;) I could save the files off my camera & once all DL'd I'd boot back into Win2k and fire up photoshop. (This was before media readers were common.)
10/30/2003 7:50 PM
problem. I have win2k and 98 here but can't install because XP won't let me, i beleive because of new partitions. I'm thinking disconnect that drive, then try to uninstall xp, then install 2k. Or if I could just get a key that works I might be ok.
10/31/2003 4:14 PM
if you can backup your data and don't need XP just FDISK it and start clean. If you need a new MBR, use the no-so documented /mbr flag.  
re: getting a key.. if you don't need SP1, I hear there are keygens available on the alt.bin groups. Just a rumor from my more adventuresome contacts.  
Personally I would not use XP. If you have to, that's different.

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