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Need recording sound card recommendations, again...

10/22/2003 5:08 PM
giustd Need recording sound card recommendations, again...
After wrestling with my Darla soundcard, which for so many years worked great on Win95 but hardly ever works with WinXP, I realize I may have to get a new soundcard. Even when the Darla works, it's extremely erratic.  
I need a full duplex card to do multitrack recording. Any suggestions would be great, keeping in mind that funds are low since I'm still unemployed.  
10/22/2003 5:52 PM
Sean K

I wanna get a 2496 by midiman or dman.I have the dman pci,which is 16bit 48kHz, and though both of them are only stereo in and out they seem to be very well priced for the bit and sample rates.They've got midi too but haven't gone there yet.
10/22/2003 6:07 PM
caffeine head
As a poor guy, I recommend the "Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+" PCI sound card, which works well and cost me $69.
10/22/2003 8:20 PM

Stupid question, but anyway: have you googled for new drivers for XP? Just a shot in the dark...  
Kindest regards, Bernt.
10/22/2003 8:31 PM
tried new drivers , the card worked for awhile but it's erratic. Might alsobe a problem with XP, i have a copy and don't have my own license, so I can't get updates and service packs
10/24/2003 3:06 PM
giustd Anyone have experience with M-audio Mobilepre or..
other M-audio products?  
At $150, it could do the trick for me, and I like the idea of a USB interface. I don't like that it's only 16 bit, but I could live with it.  
10/24/2003 3:53 PM
I'm using the M-Audio Delta 1010LT.  
I'm very happy with it.  
I have a buddy who uses the Audiophile 2496 and he says he's happy with it.  
Don't know about the Mobilepre though.  

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