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Hi from Lima!

9/9/2003 10:56 PM
Stephen Giles Hi from Lima!
Hi y'all from Lima in Peru! Strange thing about this place is that everyone seems to come from around here, so we are definitely the odd ones out. We stick out like a saw thumb, and it's a strange feeling being eyed up and down as strangers. Still, I've never had so many chaps ask me to clean my shoes which after the 20th time became slightly tiresome. We move on tomorrow to Arequipa at 8000 feet then higher still to Cusco at 11000 feet.  
9/9/2003 11:31 PM
John Fisher

You are in for an interesting adventure in Cusco.  
I lived in Peru for a total of almost 5 years and I kind of miss it.There is something about it. It is a bit hard to get used to at first but once you do, you miss it when you leave. The food there is probably some of the best I've had in my life. Try a good plate of lomo saltado. "In a nice resturant of coarse".  
John Fisher
9/9/2003 11:45 PM

Not the one in Ohio then?  
Hey, enjoy the experience.
9/16/2003 9:15 PM
Stephen Giles
Hi y'all, back in Lima for one afternoon before flying to Dutch Antilles. Machu Pichu was awesome, got up at 6am to see the sunrise. Now why folks want to put themselves through a couple of days' torture walking the Inca Trail I'll never know! The poverty here is like I've never seen anywhere outside the USA. There is no middle class here, there is a very arrogant sector of folks with money and then there are the have nots and the use to haves. So, poverty + thieving government equals revolution, and we've seen the seeds of this here. Enough of that, Peru is a wonderful country indeed. Oh, and my wife has sold me twice now to peasants which they thought was very funny.  
9/17/2003 12:18 AM
Tom Dellinger

Stephen.....if you only knew! The joys of the hike to Macchu Picchu remains one of my most cherished memories! I saw sunrise there one grand morning too. On the final day approaching the ruins, we stopped on a ridge overlooking Macchu Picchu where we camped for the night(camping not allowed in the ruins themselves). The spot where we camped was used as a lookout post and is called Inti Punctu. There were several hikers there from all over the world. In the morning, we had the most awesome view of the sunrise! We watched it first begin to highlight the peaks in the distance and slowly make its way towards Macchu Picchu and then to us. During the hike, I went through a pass at 14,000 feet! Oh yeah...quite the trip. Of course this was done when I was in my twenties back in 1976. I love Peru and hope that someday I'll be able to see it again. Loved Lima and Cuzco too. Dutch Antilles, eh? Are you going to some other Carribean spots. Sounds like you're in the middle of a wonderful trip....enjoy!!!
9/17/2003 1:33 PM
Mark Hammer
Was she able to get more for you, given that you're "vintage"? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :)
9/22/2003 6:58 PM
Stephen Giles
.....know what I mean squire!  
We're home now after a bad flight on KLM. I got no sleep at all, partly because films were shown throughought the flight and there were a lot of very noisy Dutch people on board. Dutch to me sounds like German gone wrong! All in all a great holiday, it was good to stay in one place for more than 2 nights at the end. Bonaire is a wonderful island, average yearly temperature is 82F although it was nearer 94F during the 4 days we were there, and very humid. The main activity there seems to be sea diving, in fact it is possible to see many colouful fish at the water's edge - not that we did any this time. There were 30 or so iguanas lurching outside the breakfast restaurant every morning, fascinating little creatures.  
Mark - I was sold just the once to the Peruvian Indian lady who thought it very funny.

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