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Anyone seen Iron Maiden lately?

8/31/2003 2:59 PM
Stefaan Van Slycken
Anyone seen Iron Maiden lately?
Maiden is coming to Belgium, and I'm wondering if it's worth the 35 to go & see them, as I already have a lot of expensive concerts this fall...  
I've never seen them before, I'm a fan of Piece of Mind an Fear of the Dark mostly...  
Anyone here got an opinion?  
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9/1/2003 3:15 PM

I saw them this year when they came through Philly. Overall a good show, They played a good mix of old and new material. Bruce D's voice has held up well over the years and the 3 guitarist sounded great. BTW they all played strats with maple necks and humbuckers.
9/2/2003 12:11 PM
Here they are....  

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