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The best sounding digital recording desktop processor?

8/19/2003 1:38 AM
Major Pain The best sounding digital recording desktop processor?
Well I see the Johnson J-Station on sale at MF for $99.00 but at GC they have the Behringer V-amp for $139.00 and of course there is the all famous POD for around $250.00.  
But which is really the best sounding?  
Im looking for one to have to keep from getting the wife pissed off with volume :D  
Any one out there use any of these?  
M.P. 8^/
8/19/2003 4:10 PM
I have the J-station, bought it because I didn't think I'd be using an amp when I moved into my new place last year, but old habits die hard.  
I got mine for $100 on sale, its good bang for the buck, especially if you like to tweak, use effects (it allows one effect at a time like chorus, flange, etc..,plus reverb ,plus delay), and it's very intuitive.  
Sounds? They're ok, but don't expect it to compare to the real deal. I did some recording with it and then used my homebrew for reference. The real tube amp sounds way better, no surprise, more three dimensional and percussive.  
I think these modeling boxes all suffer from that lack of dimension when going to tape. I've also tried it through the fx loop on my amp, as a preamp, and again, sounds ok but it ain't real.  
The J-station's best sound, in my opinion, is the marshall plexi. There's also an ultra high gain sound that approximates the satriani thing pretty well, if you're into that, but that's a fairly processed sound anyway.  
The recto sound is big and dumb, some of the vintage sounds ain't bad.  
The clean fender type sounds are lackluster, the acoustic sounds are a joke.  
Hope this helps.
8/20/2003 2:57 PM

A guy i know just released his CD,and done on the J-Station..heres a link to hear a few song parts that were recorded with the J-station..  
Click on music, and should pop up the clips..and CD listing  
8/22/2003 3:17 PM

My good friend and coworker just ordered a POD, J-Station and Behringer V-Amp; he ordered all three with the idea to return the ones he didn't like. He has asked me to critique them and give him an opinion. I am fairly new to these boxes, only having used a DigiTech Genesis for a bit.  
The POD and V-Amp sound very similar. The POD is harder to use, but is very well built with a steel casing. The V-Amp is easier to use, and has LED's around the control knobs to indicate settings of the pots. Also the V-Amp comes with a carrying case and footswitch, and has a stereo line input (to plug in a CD player for practicing. The POD or J-Station doesn't have a line input. The only down side of the V-Amp is that the headphone output isn't very loud.  
So I would lean towards a V-Amp for the above reasons, although I haven't had a chance to try the J-Station yet.
8/23/2003 2:07 AM
Joe King

I have been using a J station for over a year I do like it! We use it to record in a small studio  
the sounds I use are melower tweed and blackface (once in a while I use the british stack setting) Other people in the group use it to play bass through as well as guitar.  
I ran across a deal on a V amp thinking it would be the same.and I could use it @ home for noodling around. it's not the same at all. It does have apeal to my buddy that plays agressive rock so i traded it to him for a Marshall ss practice amp with DSP.  
the moral to the story?  
everyone has an opinion:)  
getting them all and sending back the ones that don't apeal to ya is good thinking!
8/24/2003 7:32 AM
Steve A.

    I got a Yamaha DG-Stomp boxes in 2001, mainly because it wasn't like a POD. :D Rather than have a few dozen amp models you get 8 basic ones that you can fine-tune as desired. Yamaha has been building FX processors for many years so the effects are pretty good.  
    GC was selling these off for around $159 last year so you should be able to find one on ebay for considerably less than that.  
    I like the idea of trying them all out and returning the ones you don't want unless you get stuck with paying shipping or restock charges. :(  
--Let us know which one you keep!  
Steve Ahola
8/24/2003 8:15 PM

If you're going to spend $250 on a POD, think about the Tech 21 Trademark 10. You can pick one of them up for the same price. I got one about a month or so ago and it's fantastic. It's got a headphone out, so you can jam in silence and it responds really well to pedals and effects. I usually run a BBE Sonic Maximizer and Boss DD-3 in the effects loop and sometimes a Fuzz Face or Boss SD-1 out front. You can get lots of great distortion tones and even with the Drive maxxed, the Fender clean channel stays clean with single coils. I've heard POD's used a pre-amps in front of power amps and they sounded good, but if you have some decent effects laying around and you just need a good amp to record with, I would recommend the Trademark 10. Plus, it's got an external speaker jack to drive different cabs and an XLR direct out for recording. As far as the tones, I think they're fantastic. I've been playing more in the weeks since I got it than I have in the last 6 months. I don't work for them or anything, either. I'm just stoked on getting a great piece of gear.  

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