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Re: Something nice!

7/24/2003 8:48 PM
Re: Something nice!
"Yesterday I finally got around to building that Crieg Anderton volume pedal circuit that you gave a while back and it works great. "
Which circuit is that? I've been looking for a volume control circuit that I can use with my old Ernie Ball volume pedal that will let me keep the signal inside my rack and control its volume remotely via the pedal (or better yet, via a MIDI continuous controller :)).  
C ya,  
7/24/2003 6:01 PM
Todd Hepler My Trainwreck clone turned out ok ..
I even came up with a pretty decent layout :
7/24/2003 6:28 PM
steve m
Re: Something nice!
Well, here's my contribution:  
I built a copy of a Tweed Princeton circuit using a 12AX7, 6AQ5/6005 for the output, a Fender Champ 12 OT and an NOS Triad PT. I built it in a chassis that previously had an amp built into it, but I never did get it to work, so I stripped it down. I ended up using mostly recycled parts with a few new ones here and there.  
I got it done and of course it did not work :( I checked everything and couldn't find out what was wrong. The amp would arc across the power tube pins, a little blue spark. No sound either :(  
Finally I tried swapping the plate and B+ lead and it fired up. Very weird. I didn't even have the negative feedback hooked up.  
Those little 6AQ5s sound pretty good. They are kinda chimey like a 6BQ5/EL84, but are also smooth sounding like a 6V6. Very crunchy when pushed hard. I tried both a Sylvania 6005 and a GE 6AQ5.  
I also scored some cool tubes at a hamfest last Saturday. About 200 tubes in all, 40 RCA 12AT7s, 15 RCA 6AQ5s, about 20 6C4s, a couple 6X5s, a few loctals, 5 6SL7s, an RCA 6L6GB black plate, a few 6AK5s and 6AK6s, and a bunch of 6GE5s. A lot of other less useful tubes. All for $50.  
Anybody know where I can get some 12-pin Compactron sockets?  
7/24/2003 7:09 PM
Carl S.

Check Antique Electronics for the 12-pin compactron sockets. They had em last time I needed one!
7/24/2003 7:13 PM
Mark Lavelle

"Anybody know where I can get some 12-pin Compactron sockets?"
Try here:
7/24/2003 8:45 PM
Tom Dellinger

My life has been extremely "nice" for some time now. Got married in June...had a wonderful honeymoon in Puerto Rico (where I spent my high school years), managed to build a 50 watt Plexi that sounds killer and to top it off, I won a Epiphone Jorma Kaukonen signature guitar last week a the Eureka Blues Festival here in California. Wow!!! I stumbled on a site this week where I can get the plans and a detailed video on how to build a beautiful 21 foot sailboat which looks totally do-able. So, my wife and I are about to embark on another excellent adventure together: building a sailboat. Yep, things are very "nice" around here.
7/24/2003 9:12 PM

I recently rebuilt my stereo power amp with cathode-biased UL 7591A outputs instead of fixed-bias UL 5881s. I used a trick I picked up from a Fisher hi-fi schematic (the X100C), and used the preamp filaments (total resistance approx. 252 ohms) as the output tubes' cathode resistor, bypassed with a 100uF cap and protected by three 12V Zener diodes, to prevent the cathode voltage from rising so high that it fizzles out a preamp filament.... To get the bias right, since 7591As bias rather like EL84s, I ran a voltage divider off the cathodes, and I bias the grids positive until the cathodes are sitting at 33VDC. This allows about 6V of cathode voltage surge before the Zeners fully limit it, giving me compression up to a point and relatively tight overdrive.  
With 12AX7s in the PI slots, it sounds like a Marshall 18W on steroids--similar crunch, sustain, and tone, but the outputs don't mid out as much as EL84s when driven into "the ARRRRRRGH!! zone".... Then, with some JAN 5814 pulls (test new), it gets a fantastic plexi tone to die for--think "Wind Cries Mary".... With the 5814s and the gain cut switch engaged, it works great amplifying my rack, which includes, as its tone-generator, a Hafler Hellrazor preamp with a dummy-loaded 18W clone in its FX loop.  
I'm stoked!!  
C ya,  
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