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Something nice!

7/24/2003 4:02 PM
Stephen Giles Something nice!
Can we talk about something nice for a change?
7/24/2003 4:04 PM
Frank DeSalvo

Why, Stephen, yes we can. I am thinking about getting another MR2 and getting back into Auto Xing!  
7/24/2003 4:22 PM
caffeine head As nice as it gets
How about a big plate of spaghetti, with tomato sauce containing spicy Italian sausage, anchovies, and black olives - all covered in freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
7/24/2003 4:40 PM
Terri Towel

Parmesan ? you ruined it ! Pecorino Romano, you imbecile ! And none of this aldente crap either; properly cook the stuff and it better not be out of a box ! fresh, or I slaughter the whole kitchen ! a little parsley as a garnish too, or I'll shut off water to the whole neighborhood for a week.  
The Gourmet Tyrant
7/24/2003 5:34 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Something nice!
Built a TS-808 clone a few weeks back and installed a "warp" control in series with one of the clipping diodes (25k pot) as per Jack Orman's delightful article. Works great and gives greater variety of tones and dynamic range.  
Finally got my Zombie Chorus working (bridge between two traces identified and eliminated) and stuck in a third delay range besides the two it comes with, in addition to installing an effect intensity/mix control. Does a terrific slow Leslie tone now.  
Fell in love with matte satin finish clear lacquer. I had been using the gloss stuff on my projects until now and I didn't like what it did to the rub-on lettering or how it showed off painting imperfections underneath (there were also constant clashes between the paint and the lacquer so that paints would crinkle and lift and I'd have to refinish and repaint). The satin stuff looks great, doesn't lift the edges of rub-on letters, provides a wee bit of pleasing texture, lets the colour show better, and dries faster. Love it.  
Got a heat gun and experienced the pleasures of getting a bad paint job off a chassis MUCH faster.  
My older kid finally got a job and he likes going to work. He promptly got himself high-speed internet access for the summer, which I'm not too crazy about, but it means that maybe we can have our family phone back again.  
The idler wheel belt came in that will enable my sister's boombox to finally work once I reassemble it and get it off my office floor.  
Was reading the Weekly World News the other day with my younger son and saw that they gve away free Batboy T-shirts with subscriptions. I'm tempted.  
Bought some noise-cancelling headphones real cheap the other week and I love them. These are the things that have electret mic elements in both earpieces and produce an amplified inverted version of what your ears hear from the outside world so that the acoustic and electronic versions cancel at the eardrum. The on-board amplifier also adds a little zing to whatever music source you plug the headphones into. They don't eliminate all noise but if you're trying to listen to a little 3v radio on the bus and the only place you can sit is over the wheel well, they are F-ing fabulous. It's like you're not even on a bus.  
Pete Snow and I are going out for lunch tomorrow.  
Mike Irwin finally got something a little more recent than the P-100 and 8x CD-ROM he has been using since lord knows when.  
Mike's Barber-pole phaser is brilliant and deserves prominent display.  
The wife and I have gotten into Train 48, a Canadian adaptation of an Australian show that follows the same ten characters on a commuter train coming home from work every day. What's interesting is how they weave current events into the shows. Each episode is taped that day, and one of the characters always has a newspaper. Discussion about something that appeared in that morning's paper ensues. A rather clever bit of writing/improvising occurred two weeks back when the stock broker character decided to bet big money on a Toronto Blue Jays game, based on the actuarial figures of the computer nerd the gang rides with. What made it interesting is that the linkage with real-world news events that the show has adopted mean that the writers and performers wouldn't know what was going to happen to that character until late Sunday afternoon after the actual game had ended and would then have to scramble to figure out what would take place on the Monday episode. It also integrated the recent gay pride festival in Toronto into the plot, and a recent raid by federal agents to a number of Toronto brokerages in response to an insider trading incident. The day of the raid, the stock broker character's buddy phoned him screaming "Erase your hard drive NOW!! They're coming!"  
That's it, I'm tapped.
7/24/2003 7:56 PM
John Fisher

Mark, Yesterday I finally got around to building that Crieg Anderton volume pedal circuit that you gave a while back and it works great. Although simple, it is just what I have been wanting and needed to do for a long time. I built it into a gutted Crybaby Wah wah pedal. I changed the pot for a 500k pot that I was able to adapt the gear to and it all turned out just right.  
Today I am starting to draw out on a circuit board "my" TS 808 as the last one I built got left in Brazil. Just wait till you see my new idea for stomp box enclosures.  
BTW Mark, do you have documented anywhere the mods that you are doing with your TS 808?  
John Fisher
7/24/2003 8:42 PM
Mark Hammer

I didn't do anything all that fancy. The unit is essentially stock TS-808, down to the tantalum .22uf caps, except that a 25k variable resistor is in series with one of the diodes. That's it, and it is courtesy of Jack Orman. I don't think there is anything magic about the pot value, simply that it was a suitable value for the signal level, etc., and it provides suitable variation over its range. It could probably be subbed with something like a 3k9 and 27k resistor in series, and a 3-way toggle that jumpers both, just the 27k resistor, or neither, for standard TS-style diode-pair clipping, a bit of asymmetry and much more asymmetry, respectively.  
I did something related on a buddy's pedal by putting in 3 diodes, as per Francisco Pena's layout at Tonepad and using a toggle to jumper/unjumper one diode of two in series. Subtle change for the uninitiated but worth doing to experiment with the same basic tone but different feels.  
There. NOW there's a document.
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