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7/7/2003 3:41 PM
DO NOT ENTER YOUR PAYPAL LOGIN INFO into a website linked from an email with the above subject line.  
The URL is made to look like it's, but if you look closely, it's actually another URL in disguise (but only if you know the subtleties of URL obsfucation). And if you look at the headers, it didn't really originate from PayPal, but from Compuserve or Brazil or some other throwaway dialup account.
7/7/2003 4:10 PM

7/7/2003 4:34 PM
Major Pain
Thanks for the heads up on this, Also be careful of phone calls from credit card companies.  
My wife just had a call a few days ago and the guy said he needed her SS# and other info, I got on the phone and when confronted him he hung up. That was definitally a scam.....  
Looks like criminals are getting desparete to steal from every one.  
I hear that Identity theft is on the rise too.  
M.P. 8^/
7/7/2003 10:38 PM

Well, I don't know how true it is, but I got this from an trusted security agent last week, the people who sent it to me I know at least are reliable:  
Government regarding purchase of UPS uniforms: BE ALERT!!!!  
There has been a huge purchase, 32,000 worth, of United Parcel  
Service (UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a  
serious threat as bogus drivers can drop off anything to anyone with deadly  
consequences! If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver appears at your  
door, they should be able to furnish VALID I.D.. Additionally, if someone in  
a UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick up, make absolutely sure they  
are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn't make deliveries or pickups in anything  
except a company vehicle. If you have a problem, IMMEDIATELY call your local  
law enforcement agency right away! TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Tell everyone in  
your office, family, friends, etc. Make people aware so that we can prepare  
and/or avoid terrorist attacks  
on our people! Thank you for your time in reviewing this and PLEASE send to  
EVERYONE on your list, even if they are friend or foe. We should all be  
Kimberly Bush-Carr  
Management Program Specialist  
U.S. Department of Homeland Security  
Bureau Customs and Border Protection  
Washington, DC 20229  
Take care,  
7/8/2003 1:44 AM
Eric H.

Both of these are pretty old news, Mike.  
[QUOTE]There has been a huge purchase, 32,000 worth, of United Parcel  
Service (UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. [/QUOTE]  
This was debunked by ebay a month or three ago.  
7/7/2003 11:42 PM
John Culp

I've been getting tons of those things from a spammer-type nonsense username The link in the ones I've been getting goes to a real PayPal secure address. Obviously my info doesn't need updating. I think what those scammer spammers are hoping is that people who're confused and frustrated about the messages will reply directly to the sender with sensitive info. I've forwarded these messages with all the header info on to PayPal, but have heard nothing from them in reply. They're coming from a Compuserve account.
7/8/2003 2:23 AM
Steve A.

    There have been a lot of PayPal scams going around. Ignore any emails and go directly to the PayPal site (note that the address begins "https" which indicates a secure site):  
--Thanks for the warning!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. So what is this about PayPal wanting me to "verify" my account? Until I get "verified" I have a sending limit of $2,000. This seems counterintuitive to me... the more money that I send successfully through PayPal the more likely it seems that I'm not a deadbeat. It's the people who have not transferred ANY funds through PayPal who should be verified... ;)  
    I think that this "verification" scheme is the real scam: PayPal will have its fingers in one of my bank accounts. I've heard horror stories (here!) about people who were screwed by PayPal...  
    IMO the whole point behind PayPal was to allow us to deal with ebay and other internet sellers without having to reveal details about our personal accounts to them. But once we hit the $2,000 send limit, we need to allow PayPal to link to one of our accounts... Sounds fishy to me!
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