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Some nice pics ;)

6/29/2003 12:16 PM
Some nice pics ;)  
No p*rn, but still not for your kids ;)  
6/30/2003 3:09 AM
Alvin Maiden
I have to say the Zakk Wylde cutie boy pics are worth a chuckle.
6/30/2003 1:22 PM
Very cool and funny stuff. I had the hair and clothes in the 80s too, we all looked like ugly chicks.
6/30/2003 3:18 PM
Frank DeSalvo
And I thought the 70's were embarassing...  
6/30/2003 4:06 PM
Ian Anderson

I'm busy shreading all the photos of my 'Grunge' phase - I was 16 at the time in my defense!!!  
... Ian :D
7/1/2003 1:57 AM
Eric H.

Wait until you've been around long enough to see it all come back --hehaha.  
7/1/2003 3:08 AM
Glen H.
Those pics of Ronnie James Dio absolutely kick! :D  
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