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Neil Young Show

6/23/2003 1:43 PM
Rich Neil Young Show
I saw Neil Young’s show in Chicago on Tuesday. Very, very strange. The first 75% of the show was, essentially, a musical play. The stage had three scenes on it. At the right was the front of a country house and its porch. On the left was a jail cell and in the center was a stage with a lift. There was a screen behind the center stage where videos were shown. So, for example, a wooden cutout of a car would rise up on the center stage and the video would show a scene rolling by to give the impression that the car was moving. In addition to Neil and Crazy Horse, there were roughly two dozen actors/actresses.  
The production told a story. I won’t spoil it for those who intend to see it, but essentially it is about a family in a small town where a tragic murder occurs. I am sure the story is full of metaphors and important messages, but on its face the plot is not real strong. Neil would talk before each song to set-up the scene, and then sing the song. The actors never talked, but would act out the story and occasionally lip-sync.  
The last 25% of the show was Neil playing his greatest hits. I think he included it as a reward for everyone for sticking around through the play.  
Overall, I would have to say I enjoyed the show. It certainly kept my attention and I will remember it long after many other concerts fade from my memory (which happens fairly quick these days). While it is hard to judge music you have never heard in this type of setting, I liked the songs. Neil was playing well and the songs rocked.  
Actually, it was worth going just to see the vintage amps. I saw several Deluxes (of course), a couple of Bassman and a Bandmaster (all blonde). Plus a couple of others I did not recognize.  
Did anyone else see the show and, if so, what was your take?  
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6/24/2003 2:23 AM
I haven't seen the show, but being in a semi-important theater town, I've noticed that the damndest things pass as plays. The last oddball thing I went to was by Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, You've Got Mail). Music was by Marvin Hamlisch. (it sucked). The opus was called Imaginary Friends, staring Swoozie Kurtz and Cherry Jones. For all I know it's the current big thing on Broadway. It was so not great.
6/24/2003 8:07 PM
Crazy Horse steals show !!!
Hey Gents-  
Just saw the show last night in Toronto- Lucinda Williams opened and as usual blasted out a good set.  
Neil's "Greendale" was pretty different, to be polite, I was there knowing that Crazy Horse would close the show and boy did they ! A friend is on the "Rust List" and got me 10th row floor seats :)  
Blond Showman's for bass, 5E3 for Neil, TV panel Deluxe and blond Showman w/2x12 for Pancho, who looks like Bob DiNero these days. Funny thing was Pancho was a bit ...Rusty ! LOL, yep, it never sleeps. The Air Canada Center liked the first 'show', but the place went crazy with anticipation for the Horse. I'm glad I got to see them live at last ! Too much of Greendale was millionaire hippy humanism for me- Neil avoided criticizing Bush to his credit but put up pictures of Tom Ridge and Ashcroft to make some kind of vague sorta-anti-war sorta stoned something statement...I had a contact buzz by then as all the hippies in otherwise PC Toronto were smokin' joints and bowls like there was no tomorrow and no security either. One thing's for sure; I'm going back to playin' my P90 equipped LP Special for a while, that tone was AMAZING live ( and bolstered by that huge 200W solid state monstrosity that Neil uses live- a Baldwin(?)2-15")  
Hey hey, my my,indeed !!  
Rockin' in the Free World
6/27/2003 2:38 PM
I agree, Neil's guitar sounded great.  
I also agree that the crowd was interesting. Not unlike many shows from 60/70s rock groups, it was a mixture of hippies and yuppies and kids. I just can't get used to it, although I guess  
I fall into one of those categories, and it isn't the kids. I miss the days of everyone bing in their 20s and buying T-shirts in the parking lot for $5 intead of $25 inside the arena. Oh well, time moves on. But I must selfishly admit that it is not nearly as much fun to watch the girls....  

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